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Apparently God loves T-Mobile agents as much as AT&T agents 😁...powerful encounter!

Crystal, the customer care agent at T-Mobile freaks out as I get a word of knowledge about what is physically going on in her body. As I prayed, the symptoms of MS started leaving her body. The severe pain, trembling, numbness, buzzing sensation, weakness, and her inability to walk without a cane leave.

I’m switching my cell service to T-Mobile because they have amazing international plans, which will allow me to have unlimited text and data while I’m in South Africa for the month of April. This gives me a great way to stay in touch with Jeanine and the family.

Today I called T-Mobile to finalize my order with them. The agent I was speaking to was Crystal. After about 10 minutes with her on the phone, we started to end the call, and I said, “Crystal, before you go, do you mind if I ask you a question? Crystal, I get pictures or impressions often about things that are going on in people’s lives, mostly connected to physical conditions. It’s a gift.” I usually just say all this to help the person have a framework of understanding about what’s going on. There’s not a special gift on me. God loves to work through all his children. I have found that if I start the conversation there, there’s a curiosity and intrigue to continue with the conversation. Most of the time people assume I’m a psychic or something. I’ve found sometimes if I start with “I’m a Christian” people can tend to shut down because they have a picture or baggage associated with that.

So I continued with Crystal, “The picture and impression I have for you is a physical one. I saw you had pain throughout your entire body – your joints, your muscles. And I saw it in your neck and back, but also through your whole body.”

Crystal immediately said, “Oh my gosh! How do you know this!?”

“I will tell you in just a second. Do you have a condition like fibromyalgia or something?” I was guessing at this, but I knew it had to do with pain in joints and muscles.

She said, “No, I was just recently diagnosed with MS. But it affects my whole body just like you were saying. In fact, right when you asked me that, I had just put the phone on mute for a second because I had to take a pain pill because I was in severe pain.” She was freaked out. “This is weird that you know this!” She kept asking me how I knew.

“I will tell you, but just let me ask a few questions. Can you rate your pain for me on a scale from one to ten?”

“It’s a seven, and this pain pill won’t kick in for another 30 minutes. I’m in pain all the time.” She told me she had numbness in her body, her legs, and her arms. She had a buzzing sensation that has been going on for two weeks, 24/7. She described it like the vibrate setting on a phone but throughout her whole body all the time.

“OK Crystal, I couldn’t have known that you were dealing with any of this. Do you mind if I try something?” She agreed. “In Jesus’ name, I command all the pain in Crystal’s body to leave. I command this infirmity to go. Now, Crystal, check your body to see what’s happening.”

 “You know,” she hesitated. “I do feel better. I feel the pain starting to go.”

“Where is the pain at now?”

 “I’d give it maybe a four.”

“OK Crystal,” I said, “if the pain can go from a seven to a four, it can go all the way. Is it OK if I pray one more time with you?”

“Yes sure!”

I prayed again, commanding the pain and infirmity to leave her body. This time the pain went down to a two. “This is amazing,” Crystal said. I asked her if we could pray again. This time she said it went down to a one with just a slight ache.

I asked, “Could I pray one more time, then you tell me what happens in your body?” I prayed another short prayer.

She exclaimed, “The buzzing just stopped in the upper part of my body! It’s completely gone!” The pain leaving got her attention, but when the buzzing left, it really got her attention. She didn’t know what to do or how to respond. “You are an amazing person. You are gifted. I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Crystal, if the Lord can do that in the upper part of your body, it can happen in the lower part of your body.” We prayed again, and all the buzzing in the lower part of her body stopped, and all the numbness left. She said she only had a small ache left in her legs.

Crystal was shocked and surprised. “I have been mad at God, wondering why He put this on me. People have told me maybe God has done this to help me understand what other people are going through.”

“Crystal, if this was God, then the pain and buzzing wouldn’t stop when I prayed. God didn’t put this on you. He never puts sickness or disease on a person. Crystal, you know the Lord’s prayer, right? You know where it says, ‘Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven?’ Crystal, is MS or any other sickness in heaven?”

“No,” she said.

“Right. And Jesus told us pray for what is in heaven to be on earth. MS is not from Jesus. This is an attack from the evil one. Crystal, do you have a relationship with Jesus? Have you asked him into your heart?”

 “Oh, yes I did. I used to be a meth addict and dealer for 16 years. My life was going nowhere, and I wanted to stop. I cried out to God, ‘You’re going to have to help me. I can’t do this.’” She told me she fell down on the ground on her face. The next day she woke up and a sixteen-year addiction was broken. Crystal had seen God move in her life years ago in a powerful way. But somehow she had started to believe that the MS was from God, so it confused her and made her very frustrated and angry.

She went on to explain all the debilitating things that have happened from MS. She starts opening up about her life. We end up talking on the phone for literally an hour. She can’t walk without using a walker or cane. She kept telling me about how her knees buckle, and she’s bruised all over, and that she has to takes ton of different medications. She also has a rare blood disease and trembles like an 80-year-old woman.

“But when you prayed, the pain started to go, and the buzzing completely left. I have actually been walking up and down my corridor with my headset on, pacing back and forth since you prayed for me. I could only walk 6 feet before my knees would buckle or my legs would get too weak, and I’d have to grab on to something. I just realized I’ve been walking for forty-five minutes as we’ve been talking on the phone. I can’t do this! But I’m walking! Without a cane!” She kept reiterating to me that this was impossible. She started opening up more about all the things that are going on in her life and about how it has been hard on her relationship with her husband.

I then started to pray for her again. I said, “I break the spirit that is over you and over your husband.” The phone call dropped right at that second. I thought, well that’s pretty interesting. I didn’t have a way to call Crystal back.

About four minutes later, my phone rang. It was Crystal. She kept thanking me for praying. She couldn’t believe what had happened to her. I prayed with her again and encouraged her to not let offense or anger step in her own heart.

Here’s the ironic thing. Her husband works with her and sits in the cubical next to her, so he could see everything that was happening. Every once in a while I could overhear her telling him what was going on. She explained that at first he was shaking his head when she was talking about her conditions. I told her she could just explain that she didn’t bring it up, Jesus did!

As we were ready to get off the phone, I told Crystal, “This was the love of Jesus. He wanted you to know that He has heard your pain, your frustration, and your cries. He wants you to know He didn’t put this sickness on you.”

“I think you’re right. This was an attack from the enemy.”

“Crystal, I would love to follow up with you. I don’t know how to do this best.”

“I’m not supposed to do this, but right this down.” She gave me her email address.

“OK Crystal, I’m going to email you and give you my information so we can pray more. Crystal, I’m believing for your complete healing over MS. If you can go from a seven level constant pain that doesn’t even fully alleviate with a pain pill, if the numbness in your body just left, and if the constant 24/7 head-to-toe buzzing is now gone, and on top of that you have been walking for 45 minutes without the aid of a cane, I would say Jesus is healing your body!”

I was doing regular life stuff, just trying to get new phone service. Not only that, but I’m also sick today with strep throat. So it doesn’t matter what you are going through or how ordinary it may seem, the kingdom of God is always at hand. Every day is an open opportunity for a kingdom encounter because the Holy Spirit is always at work. Our job description is only to look, listen, and respond and put Jesus on display with love and power.

Please keep Crystal in prayer for a 100% healing from MS.


Some times frustration and inconvenience is an open door into a Kingdom Encounter.

This morning an AT&T customer service agent gets healed from multiple problems in his body. He kept asking me, “How are you doing this magic?” He was healed, literally felt a hand on his back, and felt the presence of God go through his entire body and bring healing. I had the opportunity to explain that this wasn’t magic but the presence of Jesus knocking on the door of his heart to bring him into relationship with Jesus. He was so overwhelmed that he gave his life to Jesus over the phone! I know this post is long, but I promise it’s worth the read. If you take the time to read it, not only will it encourage you that the kingdom of God is always at hand, but my hope is always to share the process with you so that people can be trained in how to hear and respond to the voice of God, no matter what situation you find yourself in – even a frustrating one!

We've been having issues again with our AT&T internet and TV. I'm a graphic designer, so when my internet is down or having issues, it affects my business. This morning, it was acting up, and I had files that I needed to get to my customer. I was getting frustrated and I knew I was going to have to make that a call to AT&T and it was going to take a good chunk of time that I didn't have. Frustrated, I picked up the phone to call knowing, there was a good chance they would say, “Sorry, we will have to send out a technician.”

As I was calling, I had this slight impression maybe this will be a kingdom encounter. Then I felt I heard a name and four conditions. They were so fleeting, and to be honest I wasn't sure I wanted to even go there. I needed my internet issues fixed, but I settled my self down enough to at least not lash into the customer care agent that would pick up the phone. The name I heard was a woman's name—Martha—but the customer care agent who answered was a man, so I thought, OK, either missed it or maybe this guy is connected to the name and the conditions I was feeling. It was hard to discern when it was being filtered through frustration and an anxiousness to get this call over and my service fixed so I could upload my files to my client.

I’ve been trying to learn to hear God’s voice in these frustrating situations. It's so easy to lash out on the customer care agent when it's taken forever to get you through to a real live person and when your pressed for time and knowing this issue might take along time to get resolved. I wish I could say I've been sanctified in this area of dealing with internet issues and customer care agents, but I'm working at it.

Also I've found it pays to be kind—the agent is just doing their best to serve you and help you resolve your issue. So when the my At&T customer care agent, Manning, answered the phone I was able to communicate in a kind way, fighting back the tension and frustration. On top of that, I was thinking, what if you miss the impressions and your internet doesn't get resolved. This could end up being bad.

Manning made it easy though. He was super helpful and caring and doing an excellent job of trying to serve me as a customer, so my frustration lessened. It still took along while, but these kinds of things always do. Manning’s attitude and determination to help eased the time issue as well. Well, thank God Manning was able to fix the issues and my internet was working again!

Before getting off the phone, I said, “Manning, can I ask you a question and share something with you?”

Now before you think being full of faith means you don't have to fight through issues of doubt, let me assure you that is hardly ever the case in my situations. Did I hear right? Am I just making this stuff up? What if nothing happens? These questions were swirling the whole time I conjured the courage to get the question out of my mouth. These are all normal and part of the process. After 20 years, I still battle these things and wonder if I take that step of risk and get out of the boat of my own comfort, will I sink or will I walk on water? It's only been over time and lots of practice taking those risks that have I discovered that taking those risks and obeying Jesus often opens the door to the impossible to a kingdom encounter. I've also learned if I say nothing, then guess what? Nothing will happen. And if I say something and nothing happens, at least I was putting my faith into practice.

I also know by experience that there is always tension, struggle, or opposition / war from the enemy, trying to feed me full of doubt so I don't take that step of faith in love. This can be a helpful indication you’re on to something when all that stuff is swirling inside your mind. Opposition is often a sign that the kingdom of God is about to break in.

Also, so what if we step out and nothing seems to happen, or you miss it on a word or impression, or the person doesn't receive it? Know this: the Kingdom has come! That's what happened to the disciples when Jesus sent them to one village and no one received them. Jesus said, “Know this! The kingdom has come. Shake yourself off and keep going.”

The truth really is that God is always at work, and our job is to relationally join him in his work. Sometimes that looks like planting a seed, or watering truth in someone's heart, or seeing the harvest unfold right in front of your eyes. It's all kingdom, and success in the kingdom is obedience—taking that step of faith, dying to yourself, feeling and looking at times foolish. But remember, isn't that what Jesus did? He died on the cross, beaten and half naked, marred beyond recognition. That looked foolishness and defeat to the world and the enemy, but His death became our resurrection. What appeared to be his foolishness became our healing and forgiveness and brought us into righteousness and relationship with the Father. Looking foolish is part of deal when stepping out in risk. If the father allowed Jesus to look foolish by dying on a cross, then what makes us think we won't feel or be looked at as fools. Like Wimber used to say, “I'm a fool for Christ. Who's fool are you?” What looks like foolishness to the world just might be the way of salvation and healing to the world.

Back to the end of the call with Manning. I said, “Is it OK to share with you something and to ask you a question?”

“Yes, sure,” he replied.

“Manning, sometimes I get pictures or impressions about people's lives and about conditions they are physically having. It's a gift but I don't always operate 100% in that gifting. I'm growing in it, so sometimes I hear clearly, and sometimes I miss it. I'm not a psychic either. Do any of the following things make since to you? Manning, do you have issues in the very lower part of your back just below the belt line, and are you having issues with your neck, right shoulder, and right part of your jaw? Also, does the name Marsha mean anything significant to you?”

I held my breath and pushed past my knocking knees and butterflies in my stomach while Manning paused. Then Manning said in a surprised and curious voice, “Well Brian, that's very interesting. I have a pain in my back just like you mentioned in the place you mentioned and in the neck as well. But my shoulder and jaw are fine. And I don't know a Marsha.”

I said, “OK, thanks! I'm still learning to grow in this gift. I'm glad your shoulder and jaw are OK, and I just felt like I heard the name Marsha. It appears I missed it on those.”

Often we will be tempted to focus on the things we didn't hear right. Don't worry about that. It's like the postman who delivers your mail, and he accidentally drops off someone else’s mail in your box along with your mail. You don't get mad at the mailman, and you don't get upset that you have someone else’s mail. You just say that's not mine, and then you put your attention to the mail you did receive. It's the same thing. You might have picked up on a word for someone later in the day, or it just might be some junk mail. So you discard it and don't get frustrated. You just focus on the correct mail for the person.

So that's what I did for Manning. I said, “Are you in pain and discomfort in your lower back and neck now?” He said yes, he was. If he had said no, I would have still asked if I could pray for him and asked Jesus for a sign to be felt in those areas as a sign the Lord is going to heal them. When they experience a sign of the presence of God in the form of spiritual phenomena like heat, tingling, or electricity, it gets their attention and opens the door to their heart to hear the message of the gospel. If nothing had happened at all, I would thank the person for their time and for letting me try to practice hearing from God. I'm still learning. This is true whether you just started or you've been doing it for 20 years. We are always learning and growing, and our identity is not in the gift or in missing it. It's in the relationship with Jesus. We are just learning and growing and practicing the presence every time. It's not failure when we miss it. It's only failure when we don’t take that step of risk / faith.

Manning was responding to the back and neck pain, so I said, “Manning, on a scale from 1 to 10, give me a number for the pain or discomfort you are feeling in your back and neck.” He said his back was a 7 and his neck was a 4. I asked, “Would you know if the pain left?” Manning said he would. “OK, great Manning,” I continued. “Would you like for the pain to leave right now?” Manning eagerly replied yes.

“Manning, it's going to leave right now.” I prayed, “Holy Spirit, would you come upon Manning now? All pain, go right now out of his back and neck. Manning, you are going to experience a warm heat and a tingling presence come into your body right now.” Then immediately I said, “Manning, look for the pain. Move around and tell me what you’re experiencing.”

Manning said, “So you want me to move around?”

“Yes, look for that pain.”

“OK, I'm doing that right now.” With an excited tone in his voice, Manning said, “Brian, how did you do that magic? The pain is all the way gone.”

“Manning, it's not magic. I will tell you what this is in a minute, but I want you to move some more. Really look for that pain.”

Manning was moving all around looking for the pain, but he couldn't find it. “It's gone! Brian, how do you do this magic?”

“It's not magic,” I replied. “I'll tell you in just a minute. That's amazing that the pain is gone in your back. Now what about your neck?”

“Oh, it's so much better!”

“OK great! Give me a number. Does great mean a 0 and it's gone?”

“Oh no, there’s still some pain, but its so much better.” I asked him for a number, and he was it was down to a two. “When I move my head to the left, it still hurts just a bit,” he explained.

“Thanks for letting me know. Now Manning, if the pain in your back can go from a 7 to 0 and your neck from a 4 to a 2, don't you think it could go all the way to a zero too?” I said this to Manning to help him recognize what has happening and to build my faith and his as well. Then I said, “Manning, the rest of that pain is going to go right now.” Then I prayed a quick simple prayer of command and said, “Pain go, muscles and tendons be relaxed, and all infirmity leave right now.”

Then I told Manning to move his neck again. In my mind I saw Manning rolling his neck and the pain would go. So I said, “When you move your neck, roll it from front to back and side to side.”

Manning rolled his neck and said again, “It’s gone! What kind of magic do you do?”

“Is the pain a zero,” I asked.

“Oh yes, it is!”

“Manning, it's not magic. I will tell you what this is. Do you want to know?”

“Yes, I do.”

I said, “OK, but first let me ask you one more question. Did you feel that warmth and heat over you?”

“Oh yes, I did! It was getting hot where was it was on my back.”

“What did it feel like?”

His answer blew it out of the water. “It felt like a hand on my back.”

Remember the kingdom of God is at hand! I said, “OK Manning, now I'm going to tell you what happened and who did this. Do you still want to know?”

“Oh yes, please tell me.”

“Manning, that hand you felt and the warmth was Jesus. You see Manning, I'm not a psychic or doing magic. I'm a Christian, and it was Jesus healing your body. I knew nothing about you or what was going on with you. You were simply answering a customer service call, doing your job, which you did a great job by the way. Thank you. As you are helping me doing your job Jesus shows up and tells me some things that you were dealing with that I couldn't have known. I missed a couple of things because I'm still learning to hear from Jesus, but this is a sign to you, Manning, that Jesus wants to have a personal relationship with you. He is getting your attention. He took your pain and His hand healed your body. And it was His presence you experienced. Manning, if Jesus can show up like that and heal your body, then what can he do in your heart and life?

“Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart. He doesn't just want to heal you physically but spiritually and wants a personal relationship with you. He wants to come live inside your heart. Manning, do you want to receive Jesus into your heart for Him to be the Lord and Savior of your life?”

Manning with a tone of reality and awe said, “Yes, I want to make Jesus my lord and savior.”

“Great! Manning, let's pray.” Then I led Manning through a simple prayer inviting Jesus to come into his heart as he repeated after me. “Manning pray this with me. Jesus would you come into my heart? I open up the door and invite you to be my Lord and savior. Would you forgive me of all my sins and make me new on the inside? Jesus I want a relationship with you. Thank you for showing your love to me and making yourself real to me and healing my body. If you can do that, you can heal and change my heart and life. Thank you Jesus for inviting me into relationship with you. Amen.” When I said “amen,” he said “amen” with excitement!

I then said, “Manning, you are now a Christian. Jesus is the Lord and savior of your life. Welcome into the family!”

“Oh thank you so much Brian!”

Then I said, “Manning, I want to pray one more thing. I’m going to pray that the Holy Spirit comes as a sign to you that you know you are now a Christian.” Then I asked the Holy Spirit to come. “Manning, you’re going to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit like heat go through your whole body as that sign.”

“Brian,” Manning said, “I can feel it. I can feel that heat. It's going all through me.”

“That's the Holy Spirit,” I explained. “Now Manning if you can, find a good church. Get baptized and follow Jesus. He loves you my friend.”

“Oh Brian, I will do just that! I will find a church and get baptized. Thank you, thank you so much, Brian, for this.”

“Manning, you’re welcome. Thanks for helping me.”

Remember the kingdom of God is always at hand. The Holy Spirit is always presently active as we go about our day. And sometimes frustration and inconvenience could be an open door for a kingdom encounter. Our job is simply just to look, listen, and respond and put Jesus on display with love and power.

I always wonder what happens when the supervisor listens back over these calls. : )


Salesman calls me on the phone, Gets healed from a 20 year condition, Encounters the Holy Spirit tangible and gives his life to Christ!

A travel company called trying to get my business. As they pitched me, they threw in all the bells and whistles. Normally I jut say I’m not interested and end the call, but today I had a faint, fleeting thought—so faint I could have just dismissed it. But I know this is often how the Holy Spirit speaks and that our job as a believer is to always be looking and listening for his whisper and then respond, step out into risk in order to display the love and power of a good God.

So I thought I would at least hear Jason's pitch and at the same time be listening for what the Holy Spirit might be doing. He was fun and engaging, and in the end I purchased something from him because it was actually a good deal and Jeanine and I had been looking for something similar. Jason asked if I had any other questions before he transferred me to the verification process.

I said, “Jason, I actually do. This may sound a bit odd or out there, but I have this gift about having pictures and impressions for people sometimes about what’s going on with the person. It’s usually about physical issues that people are dealing with. Now I’m not a psychic, and I’m not 100% right. I have often missed it. So with that being said, would you like me to share the impressions I felt for you? They are all physical issues.”

Jason said, “Sure man! I’m open to this kind of stuff. Shoot!” So I described three areas that we’re giving him issues.

“Man, that’s crazy!” Jason said. “How did you know that? Two of the conditions happened last night, and I didn’t sleep hardly at all and was in a lot of pain. The other condition I’ve had for 20 years from an accident.” His condition was scoliosis. I didn’t name scoliosis, but I had described all three of his issues perfectly, including where he experiences pain from his scoliosis. Jason again said, “Man, this is crazy!”

 “Jason, describe your pain level if we were using a measuring scale of 1 to 10,” I said.

“I have a very high pain tolerance because I’ve had to learn to live with the pain for 20 years. For most people the pain level would be much higher, but I would give my pain at this moment around 4, but it often goes higher than that.”

Then I asked Jason, “So you’ve been in pain for 20 years everyday without a break in the pain?”

 “Yes, I just have had to live with it.”

I boldly said to Jason, “What if I told you I could get rid of your pain right now over the phone? What would you say about that?”

Of course this intrigued Jason, and he was tired of living in pain. Jason said, “I’m open. Go for it if you can. Let’s see what you got.”

“OK,” I said. “Here is what’s going to happen, Jason. In just a minute all the pain is going to completely leave. Are you ready?”

“Yep. Go for it.”

This is what I said: “Jesus, thank you for your healing presence. Now I command all the pain associated with this condition of scoliosis to go right now in Jesus’ name. Now Jason, you’re going to feel a warm sensation come into your back . . . ”

And before I could even say all that, he said, “Oh my! This is crazy! I can feel that!”

 “Now Jason, move your body around and look for the pain.”

He was undone, saying, “I can’t feel the pain.”

I said, “That’s awesome, but I mean really look for the pain. Move, stretch, do whatever you need to do in order to find the pain.”

Jason said, “I can’t find any pain and this heat on my back feels like Icy Hot.”

I then said, “Jason, as you can tell, I’m a Christian. I’m a follower of Jesus. Now here is what I mean by that, because I know there is so much baggage with Christianity and religion. This has nothing to do with rules, regulations, or religion. It’s about a personal relationship with Jesus. I’m talking about Jesus, who is God, reaching out in his love and pursuing you with relationship. I don’t know where your faith is, but Jesus encountered you today and is inviting you into relationship with him. He knew about the conditions in your body, you tangibly felt him, and 20 years of pain left. What do you think about that?”

 “This is amazing. I’m freaking out! Blown away. But to be honest,” Jason said, “I’ve fallen away from the faith. I went through a bad divorce, have all this anger in me.”

“Jason, Jesus never walked away from you. And he’s not condemning you that you’ve walked away from him. But he’s simply expressing that he’s here and wants a relationship with you and wants to bring healing to you. There’s no better time to be with Jesus than in the midst of your own pain, fear, and brokenness. So we don’t get cleaned up then come to Jesus. We come to Jesus as we are—broken and lost. And Jesus pours out his grace and love on us. Jason, I don’t know your whole situation with your divorce, but I also know that you don’t want to live in that anger. You need the grace of God to empower you to forgive and be healed from it. So my question to you, Jason, is are you ready to come back to Jesus, to give your life fully to him.”

With the sound of sniffles in my ear, Jason said, “Yes. I’m ready.”

I led Jason into prayer, and Jason was praying together with me. It was so heartfelt. After Jason invited Jesus to be the Lord of his life, I said, “Jason, I’m going to pray for you right now, for the Holy Spirit to come tangibly over you to give you confidence and faith that you are fully accepted and loved.” I asked the Holy Spirit to come, and Jason said he felt heat envelop his whole body. He felt the strong presence of heat permeating him. “Jason, the Holy Spirit is the comforter. I think he’s here to let you know that you have been accepted and loved back into relationship with him.”

I told Jason he could look me up on Facebook so we could chat more and connect again. He said, “I’ll do that. I gotta go now. I gotta cry. This is unbelievable.”

 “Yeah! Isn’t this cool! You got a sale. I got a vacation. You got healed from 20 years of pain. And you came back to Jesus! I’d say that’s a pretty good deal, huh?”

“That’s a great deal,” Jason chuckled as we got off the phone.

Remember the Holy Spirit is always working all the time, and he’s constantly whispering, inviting us to partner with him to display the love and power of Jesus to broken, hurting, lost people. I was just sitting at my house minding my own business when I got a sales call. I was about ready to hang up, but I felt that slight impression from the Holy Spirit—such a fleeting thought that I could have missed. But instead I engaged and went with the slight whisper, and a sales call turned into a kingdom encounter with a 20 year condition healed and a man totally recommitting his life back to Jesus. We don’t even have to leave our house to see the kingdom come, people healed and coming to faith as long as we are looking, listening, and responding to what the Holy Spirit is already doing.

Just Shopping and Healing the Sick!

A Dollar General lady named Jerry just got healed! Amberlyn and I were shopping, and as we were in line, Jerry, one of the Dollar General ladies, mentioned how much her back hurt. I said, "I can take care of that pain if you like!"

One of the guys in line asked, "How? Are you a chiropractor?"

 "Nope," I replied.

Jerry laughed and said, "Are you some kind of drug pusher?"

I laughed and replied, "No, I'm a Christian, and I would like to pray for you, and all the pain will leave!"

"OK," Jerry said. "You can pray for me." Jerry was in a pain level of a 9 when we started praying. I prayed 3 times. Each time it dropped she was taken back. I prayed one last time and all the pain totally left. She was moving all around, trying to find the pain, but it was gone!

I told her how much Jesus loved her! Then we grabbed our stuff and head to the car.

This is normal christianity doing life with the Holy Spirit to put Jesus on display with love and power!

Credit Card agent touched by the presence of God over the phone!!!

This morning I called one of my Credit Card companies because I was trying to link one of my credit cards to my Apple Watch and phone so I could do Apple Pay when needed. I was on the phone with the customer care agent June, a man from a call center in the Philippines. I thought I would step out and take a risk with two conditions that were highlighted to me. I asked June about those two conditions, and he said, "Yes, sometimes, but why are you asking?"

I said, "Do you have pain in those areas right now?"

"No, not right now, but I do have issues in those two places." So I asked if he had pain anywhere at the moment in his body. June said, "Yes, I have issues with gout in my foot." I asked what his pain level was. He said it just hurt but not terribly.

I said, "OK, June, I'm going to pray for you right now, and all the pain from the gout is going to go. As a sign the Lord is healing the other two conditions in your body, you're going to feel a warm, tingling presence come over your body." I prayed a simple prayer telling the pain to leave. I asked June to move his foot to see where the pain was at now.

June ecstatically exclaimed, "I feel like electricity going through my body - all through my body!" Then he moved his foot and said, "All the pain is gone!" He was so thankful and surprised by what just happened.

I said, "June, this is Jesus just loving on you. Have you ever experienced anything like this before?"

"Never before over the phone in all my years of doing this anything like this ever happened," he declared excitedly. "I have felt things before in mass. I'm a catholic."

As June and I talked briefly, I got an impression about a 10-year-old boy. I asked, "June do you have a son that's 10yrs old?"

 "No, I have a son that's in his mid 20's."

Instead of fully dismissing it, I said, "You wouldn't happen to have a grandson that's 10, would you?"

June said, "I have 5 grandkids, one of which is 10 years old."

Then I felt the Holy Spirit give me a word for his 10-year-old grandson. I prayed over the word I gave about His grandson. June was just freaking out with excitement, saying you are amazing. I said, "No, it's Jesus! And June, this is what Christians get to do. We get to carry on the Jesus ministry." He kept thanking me. I then encouraged June to share his testimony with a co-worker and pray for them if they have any issues. Then I told him to look me up on FB. He said I'm not on FB, but I'm going to remember your name and tell my friends and family to look you up if they need prayer.

I encourage you to step out and take a RISK and put Jesus on display today... make this a habit this new year! What do we have to lose?... your fear? The Holy Spirit is always at work and He's always inviting us to join Him and advance the Kingdom.

Speeding ticket, courtroom, and two kingdom encounters.

Wow!!! I forgot all about this Kingdom Encounter. I'm so grateful for FB memories. This happened to pop up in my feed today. As I reread this I thought I need to repost it. This is a powerful testimony of the love and grace of a good God.  I believe it will encourage you as it did me as I reread it - that no matter where you are or how you feel, the kingdom of God is always at hand.

This happened in 2013:

I hate to admit that I got a speeding ticket, but I did. And I had to go to court today to pay the fine. While I was waiting in the courtroom, I sat between two guys on the back row because the courtroom was full. As I sat there, I was feeling the embarrassment of getting a speeding ticket and was just trying to keep to myself. Then I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me and say this is an opportunity to share the kingdom. I'm like, no way! I feel so embarrassed, and I'm guilty of speeding. How is this going to work? Then I had a picture about a knee and back issue. It was just a few minutes until the judge was supposed to come in, and I knew I had to make a decision to either follow the leading of the Holy Spirit or just keep to myself and sit in my shame and embarrassment. I looked at the guy to my left, and he had his head ducked down. I could tell he didn't want to be bothered. I looked over at the guy to my right, and I noticed he had crutches leaning up against the wall. So I thought I would just go for it. I said, "Hey, what happened to you?" He said he broke his ankle in a really bad work accident. He had pins inserted in it. My immediate thought was I had a picture about knee and back problems, not a broken ankle. But since I had already engaged the guy in conversation, I was going to go for it.

I asked him his name his name, and he replied Alberto. "Alberto, are you in pain?" I asked.

"Oh yeah. All the time."

"What's your pain level on a scale from one to ten?"

"Oh man, about a nine really."

 "Well, Alberto, I'm in here because I was speeding, but I'm a follower of Jesus. Can I pray for you?" I thought, oh great! You look like a great follower of Jesus, sitting in court because you were speeding. But Alberto said he'd like prayer. So as I sat there next to Alberto in the court room, I quietly spoke to the pain and told it to go. "Alberto," I said, "move your foot." As he did, I asked what he felt.

"lt's a 5 now."

"If it can go from a 9 to a 5, then the pain can go from 5 to 0."

He looked at me confidently as he said, "Yeah."

Then I added, "Alberto, you are going to feel a warmth and tingling go down your leg, and all the pain is going to leave." I quietly spoke to the pain and told it to go. "Alberto, what do you feel?"

"There is no more pain. It's all gone."

"Did you feel that warmth and tingling?"

"Yes, and all the pain is gone."

 "Have you ever felt anything like that before?"


"Alberto, this was the love of Jesus for you."

About that time, a guy sat to the left of me between myself and the other guy who didn't want to be bothered. As soon as he sat down, I knew he was the guy with the knee and back problems that the Holy Spirit had spoken to me about. I wasn't sure where to begin with the small talk. I said, "Man, it's a packed courtroom today." He commented that he had been there for five hours, so I began to wonder how long this embarrassment would take. We were minutes from the judge's entrance, so I said, "You have lots of knee and back problems, don't you?"

He sighed, "Oh yeah."

I introduced myself, and he said his name was Robert. "Robert, see this guy next to me? He broke his ankle and was in a lot of pain. I prayed for him and all his pain left. Can I pray for you?"

"Yes!!!" he replied. I asked him what his pain level was on a scale from 1 to 10. He said it was a 9.

I quietly spoke to his back, commanding the pain to leave. I asked, "Robert, what are you feeling in your back?"

"My back just went numb."

 "Do you feel any more pain?"

"No, it just feels numb!"

At that time, the judge came in, and guess who he called first out of a packed court room--me! I approached the judge as he said, "How do you plea?"

"I'm guilty," I replied.

He looked at me and said, "This is a minor traffic offense. You don't need to worry about it. Just make sure you pay the fine by this date. You're free to go."

The kingdom of God is at hand, even when you're sitting in a packed court room, guilty of speeding. Our job is to look, listen, and respond -- especially when you are going 51 in a 40! LOL! But seriously, the kingdom of God is at hand no matter what or where.

Shopping for Christmas and Healing the Sick

I was at Best Buy trying to pick up some Christmas gifts, when I met Anna. As she was helping me, I got an impression that she had neck and lower back problems. When I asked her about it, she said she has been in back pain for years—daily pain since 1986 due to ruptured disks in her neck and back. She said her pain level was at a level 5.

I asked if I could have her hand, and prayed for her. I commanded all the pain to leave and told Anna that she would feel a warm tingling presence come over her. After praying the first time, her pain decreased to a level 2. I prayed once more again for her, and Anna said she felt a warm sensation going through my hands, into her hands, into her whole body. Her pain totally left, and she said, “Jesus is still healing today!”


Cashier's Neck Healed from Car Accident and the Battle within.

I was running into CVS to pick up some things. As I was checking out, I had this sense like the cashier might be in pain. There was no physical observation that indicated that she was in pain. In fact, she seemed to be moving around just fine and was smiling. At the same time, I had the sense something was physically wrong. I felt this tremendous intimidation and fear that  I was going to look super foolish. What I’ve learned over the years in trying to live out a naturally supernatural lifestyle is that I always feel a thousand butterflies in my stomach and have a general sense of fear, doubt, and unbelief biding for my attention. These feelings are flashing through my mind sometimes right before in approaching a person, during the interaction, and after the encounter. I’ve also learned that appearing foolish is just a part of the deal. The truth is no one likes the feeling of appearing foolish, fearful, and intimidated. But then you just push through the feelings and thoughts and take a RISK. During times like this is I believe its another opportunity for formation. Also success in the Kingdom is about obedience.

Like I mentioned, this was more than the usual sense of fear, intimidation, and doubt. Then I felt like she was experiencing some sort of pain in her body, but I did not have a specific word of knowledge. I had to make a choice to listen to the fear, intimidation, and doubt or step out of the boat of comfort into the waters of the unknown. I’ve also learned when I’m experiencing this intensity of feelings and thoughts, I know its the enemy trying to bully me out of being obedient. I’ve also found when I take that first step of RISK, the Holy Spirit always provides the boldness to carry through. When you experience things like this, you are encountering a kingdom conflict and feeling the battle of the war of the two kingdoms colliding. Realizing all of this doesn’t lessen the blow of these oppositions. The only way to conquer is to take the RISK and go all the way, looking and trusting the Holy Spirit to advance the kingdom with your simple obedience.

So I looked at the cashier and asked her a simple question. “Hey, do you experience a lot of pain in your body standing on your feet all day?”

The cashier said, “Sometimes, but today I’m just dealing with pain in my neck from a car accident.”

When I heard that, I felt a sense of faith. Then I went on to ask her what her pain level was on a scale from 1 to 10. She said about a 6. “Wow!” I said. “That’s not good! Hey, can I see your hand for a second?” I have found this approach to be super helpful for all sorts of reasons: the person my not believe in prayer, they might be thinking about their work environment, or they may be wondering what kind of crazy prayer this guy is going to do, wondering if its going to be like the crazy stuff they’ve seen on TV. So to bypass this I will often just ask if I can see their hand.

I could tell she was bit perplexed by why I was asking to see her hand, and with a slow, cautious move, she reached out her hand to mine. Now those feelings of fear, intimidation, and doubt didn’t go away; they actually increased! As I took ahold of her hand in a gentle manner, I looked her straight in the eyes with a big smile and said, “Jesus come with your healing presense.” Then I spoke to the pain and the trauma to go, and then I told her, “You’re going to feel a warm tingling presence come into your neck. Now move it around and see where the pain is at.”

With a stone cold look, she said, “The pain is still there, and I didn’t feel anything.”

It was like a greater blow of fear, intimidation, and doubt hit me.

Then she said, “The prayer probably didn’t work because I’m not a spiritual person at all and I don’t believe.”

It might sound funny, but when she said this a surge of faith rose up in me, and I said, “You don’t have to believe or be spiritual.” She was taken back by that response. Then I asked if I could pray one more time. She agreed, so I prayed another simple prayer of command, telling the pain to go. Then I asked her to move her neck again.

She looked at me a bit surprised and said, “It feels better.”

“Really? Can you give me a number? You mentioned we started out with a 6. What would you give the pain level now?” She said it was a 3, so I said to her, “OK, logically if your pain was at a 6 level of pain and after we prayed twice it went from a 6 to a 3 in the intensity of pain, don’t you think it can go from a 3 to a 0?”

“Well, I guess so,” she said. I asked if she would let me pray one more time. (BTW, there were no other customers in the store at the time or needing her help. If there had been, I would have let the other customers go through and then pick up on the prayer after she had taken care of her customers. When we pray for people in their workplace, we need to honor and respect that.) So I prayed a third time again, another short prayer of command telling the pain to go. Then I asked her to check it out by moving her neck. She said, “It’s better!”

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“It’s a zero. All the pain is gone.”

“What do you think about that?” I asked.

I could tell she was processing what just happened. Then she said, “You’re wonderful and have some spiritual thing.”

I laughed and said, “No, this was JESUS. I don’t know where your faith is but I’m a Christian, a follower of Jesus, and this is what Christians do. They pray for people. What Jesus just did in your body, he wants to do in your life. He’s not a religion. It’s about having a relationship with Jesus.”

She looked at me and said, “OK, I believe now that that something spiritual is going on, and like how you prayed, it wasn’t religious.”

I smiled and said, “Yes, that’s right. It’s about Jesus and Him pursuing a relationship with you.” At that point, I could tell she was intrigued, and she went from not believing in prayer and spiritual things to a believer. I again mentioned, “This was the love of Jesus for you.”

I felt that was all I was to do. I planted a seed, and the Holy Spirit encountered her, and I know He will watch over that seed that was sown into her heart and will water it. She was marked by an encounter with Him.

So remember the kingdom of God is always at hand no matter what or where we go, even in the middle of the internal conflict. Our job is to simply look, listen, and respond to what the Holy Spirit is doing and put Jesus on display with love and power. 


Depressed, Frustrated, and Busy. Holy Spirit Breaks in with a whisper, and a customer service rep gets healed from the effects of a mild stroke over the phone!

Today personally has just been a frustrating day. I've been battling some depression, just feeling confused and frustrated inside. On top of that I'm trying to get the house ready for Thanksgiving. We had some old furniture to move out when our new furniture arrived, so we were headed to Goodwill. Of course, what else would happen during a frustrating moment like this? I get a call from a customer care agent. The call was from Belle at Ashley furniture following up from our purchase a few days ago. I was frustrated, trying to get her off the phone. Then I felt the Lord started speaking to me about conditions in her body. To be honest, I thought, man I'm completely going to miss it, then I'm going to have to deal with more frustration and embarrassment. But instead, I stepped out and took a risk.

"Before we get off the phone, do you mind if I share some impressions I had," I asked. I explained that sometimes I get impressions for people. I asked her about three conditions: pain on the left side of her neck, pain going down into the left shoulder, and a wrist condition in both wrists that caused pain and numbness in her hands. As I explained these conditions, she said yes, she has all of these conditions. I had also sensed she had something with her heart, but I didn't say it out of nervousness. And to be honest, I was wondering if I was missing the whole thing because she was so upbeat on the phone that I didn't expect her to be suffering with anything. And also, I've been struggling today, really fighting depression. So when she said yes to the first three conditions, I was so excited that I was hearing correctly that I forgot about a heart condition. My faith was boosted, and I was certain God would heal her.

 "You don't even know me, sir. How do you know this about me," Belle asked inquisitively.

"Belle, I'm going to tell you that in a moment, but I'm going to pray for you now and all of your pain and conditions are going to leave." I asked her the pain level, and she said it was an eight.

I prayed a simple prayer of command. I commanded all the pain and numbness in her neck, shoulder, and hands to be healed. I told her she would feel a warm tingling presence fill her body. Then I asked her to move around to see where her pain level was after prayer.

"Sir, I have to be honest with you. I feel different. I feel goosebumps going through my body, and the pain is going." At this point, I put the call on speaker so Jeanine could hear it too.

"What do you mean, you feel it going?" I asked.

"I feel the pain leaving those places and going down my body and leaving down my leg."

"Thank you, Belle, for telling me that." From her description, I could tell that it was an afflicting spirit, or a spirit of infirmity. "Belle, it is going to completely leave and go all the way out your leg." I prayed, "In Jesus' name, I command the afflicting spirit to leave now." I asked her to move around and tell me what she was experiencing.

 "Sir! It is completely gone! I don't know how you did that." She was perplexed and also reserved, probably because our conversation was being recorded. "This is a miracle," she said, perplexed. "I believe in miracles, but I have never experienced one myself. In fact, the reason I have all these conditions is because I had a mild stroke a year ago."

 "Belle, I had also thoughts got there was something wrong with your heart but caught up and didn't say anything to you. I think that was referring to your stroke. I'm going to pray for that as well."

"I've had Bell's Palsy because of the stroke, and my eye dropped, but that gradually got better over time, but I still had numbness in my face. After you prayed the numbness in my face left."

Belle was totally freaked, while also keeping her voice calm and level because of the work environment. "How did you know all this? How did you do this?" she asked.

 "I'm going to tell you now what this was. Belle, I'm a Christian. I sometimes get impressions from Jesus for people because he loves them. I knew nothing about you, but Jesus does. Belle, Jesus is pursuing a personal relationship with you. He broke into our conversation we were having. You were talking with me as a customer, and he told me things about your body that I could not have known. This is Jesus saying that he has seen you. He has watched over you. He has seen your pain. What Jesus has done for your body he also wants to do with your whole life. All you need to do is simply say yes to Jesus, because he is making himself known to you. He is inviting you into a personal relationship."

With a cracking, tear-filled voice, Belle sniffed, "Sir, nobody has ever told me this in my whole life."

 "Well, he just encountered you today because he loves you. All you have to do is say yes. If you'd like to, I could pray for you now. All you have to do is say Jesus..."

"Sir, I don't think I can do that at work." She was full of emotions, aware that she was being recorded, and probably being timed on her call. So she was conflicted about praying right then.

"Belle, is this something you would like to do later? When you are on a break or at home tonight, all you have to do is tell Jesus you want have that relationship with him in your own words." I never pressure people to say a prayer, and I always try to be sensitive to people's environments and concerns. And I trust that if there has been an encounter, the Holy Spirit is pursuing that person and will continue. I just help give the person language for how to respond when they are ready.

 "Belle, if you like, when you get off work, you can look me up on Facebook, and we can talk more. I can tell you more about what Jesus has done for you."

 "Yes, sir, I think I would like that," she said. "Oh sir, thank you so much. Thank you is not even the right word. This is a miracle." All the symptoms that she had been carrying for a year were completely gone. I could tell from her voice that she was overwhelmed, thankful, and still processing what had just happened. We ended the call as I reminded her that this was just Jesus pursuing her with love.

Guys, please pray with me that Belle would receive fully what Jesus has for her.

So today I learned another lesson that God is having to continually remind me of. The Holy Spirit is actively working all the time, even when I'm dealing with my own depression, frustrated, and busy with life. He breaks in with a whisper. And he's only asked us to simply respond to that whisper in the chaos of our day. Take a risk and put Jesus on display with love and power.

I've found that the gospel works both ways. As God is working through me with His Spirit to her, it's also changing my heart, my perspective, and building my faith in his love. Just as much as He cares for her, He cares for me. This is the good news of the gospel.


Banker gets healed over the phone!!!

I was just speaking to a banker named Yvonne over the phone about my account. As we were finishing up the call, I felt like I had a word of knowledge about a condition in her body. So I said, “Hey Yvonne, do you mind if I ask you an odd question? Do you have a pain that starts in your neck and runs down through your shoulder blades?”

“Yes, I do,” she remarked quizzically.

 “What's your pain level on a scale from 1 to 10?”

 “I’d say a 5.”

“Yvonne, sometimes I get pictures and impressions for people about conditions in their bodies or situations going on in their lives. It's a gift from Jesus letting the person know that he loves them. I'm going to pray for you right now and all the pain is going to leave. You’re going to feel a warm, tingling presence come over your neck, down in between your shoulder blades.” So I prayed a simple prayer commanding the pain to leave. Then I asked Yvonne to move her body and check for the pain.

She immediately said, “There's no more pain! It's gone!” I then asked her what she felt, and she said, “Just what you told me—I would feel that warm presence. I'm still feeling it up on my back and neck.” I began to express that this was the love of God for her. Yvonne told me she was a believer. She was so grateful for the prayer!!!

Remember the kingdom of God is always at hand, no matter what, when, where, or who you might be talking to on the phone, like a banker. Our job is to simply look, listen, and respond, and put Jesus on display with love and power.

Leg grows out at Payless Shoes store!

I was with two of my daughters at Payless. As they were looking for shoes I was looking to see what the Holy Spirit was doing. Brianna the cashier was highlighted to me. I asked if she needed any prayer for any pain she might have. She said she most always has pain in her lower back due to a car accident.

I asked her if I could try something. "Do you mind sitting on this bench and letting me check to see if one of your legs is shorter than the other due to the accident?" Brianna said sure, so she sat down and let me check to see if one leg was shorter than the other, and sure enough it was.

 "Oh my gosh," she said. "That must be the problem."  She could see that one leg was about an inch and a half different in length.

 "Brianna, watch this. Leg grow now. Jesus, thank you that you love Brianna." Then we all watched as her right leg grew out to normal length. I asked Brianna what she felt, and she said with a smile of shock that she could feel her leg grow. Then I prayed again over back asking the Holy Spirit to give her a sign in her back that it was completely healed. Brianna said she felt a warmth come into the area of her back where the injury was.

I look at Brianna and said, "This was the love of Jesus for you." Brianna was a believer, and she thanked me for praying for her.

My girls were shopping, and I was shopping. They were shopping for shoes, and I was shopping for what the Holy Spirit was doing.

Remember the kingdom of God is always at hand. Our job is to simply look, listen, and respond, and put Jesus on display with love and power.

Vizio customer care agent gets healed over the phone while helping me set up my new Vizio sound bar


Erica, a Vizio customer care agent, was helping me with the set up of a new sound bar to my TV. We were on the phone for some time as Erica was helping me trouble shoot things. While we were waiting for the updates to sync, I asked, “Erica, do you mind if I ask you a question?” She said sure, so I continued. I asked her about three conditions in her body that were giving her pain: her neck, back, and right shoulder. Erica was stunned that I knew about these three conditions and asked how I know. I told her sometimes I will get pictures and impressions about conditions going on in peoples’ bodies and life; that it's a gift from Jesus to let the person know that Jesus sees you, knows you, and is pursuing your heart for relationship with Him. She was blown away by the fact that I told her about these three conditions.

I then asked Erica why she had these pains. She explained that she's had trouble in her back ever since she had her baby. She thinks the neck pain is from stress, and last night she just injured her right shoulder and arm trying to get something under her baby’s crib. I asked her on a scale from 1 to 10 what her pain level was at right now. Erica said her back wasn't hurting at the moment, but it hurts almost all the time. She said her neck and shoulder were about a 5-level pain at the moment.

I told Erica, “I'm going to pray for you right now, and all the pain is going to leave.”

She nervously replied a reluctant, “OK.”

I just prayed a simple prayer commanding the pain, stress, and injury to leave her neck, shoulder, and arm, and for the Lord to touch her back even though she wasn't in pain there now. I told her should begin to feel a warm, tingling presence come over her body. Immediately after praying, I said, “OK, now move your neck and move your arm, and tell me where the pain is now.”

“Wow!” she exclaimed. “I can barely feel it!” I asked if it was a zero, and she said, “No, but close. It's like 1 or 2.” So I asked if I could pray again.

After praying, I asked Erica to move her neck and shoulder. As she did, she said, “All the pain is gone. It's a zero!” Then I asked her if she felt that warm, tingling presence on her body as I prayed. She said yes, so I asked her to describe what it felt like. “It felt like a heating pad.”

 “Where did you feel the most of it?”

 “I felt it in the neck and the shoulder, but mainly in the back.”

“I think this might be a sign that Jesus is also healing your back,” I explained. Then I began to share the gospel with her. I explained that this experience was a sign of His love and that He knows her and wants a relationship with her.

“I used to go to church,” Erica said.

“Erica, that's good,” I said, “but it’s not just about going to church. Jesus wants a personal relationship with you. Finding a good church is helpful, but He's after your heart.”

Then Erica said, “I try to do good.”

I shared more of the gospel with her, and I asked her, “Have you ever asked Jesus to be in your heart?”

“Yes,” she said, “a long time ago. I try to do the right things.”

“Erica,” I said, “you can't try enough to do right things. Jesus has already done those right things. He wants a relationship with you, and Jesus is just showing that He wants to reconnect with you. But He has never left you. He's never forsaken you.”

I continued, “Erica, what just happened to you is what we call a power encounter. Think about it: you are at work just doing your job, then a customer who doesn't know anything about you tells you about three conditions in your body, and after praying all the pain leaves and you feel a warm tingling presence over your body. That's Jesus saying, ‘Erica! I'm right here! I love you!’ He is inviting you into a personal relationship with Himself.”

I could tell by the tone in Erica’s voice that she was just trying to process everything. So I asked Erica, “Would you like to pray and reconnect with Jesus?”

She said yes, so I asked her if she wanted to pray. “I don't like to pray out loud,” she explained.

“That's ok, Erica. Let me pray for you, then tonight or when you’re on break and you’re alone, just say to Jesus, ‘thank you for showing your love to me, and I want to reconnect with you in a personal way.’” She said ok, so I prayed over her.

At that time the update for the sound bar finished the download and synced. I thanked Erica for all her help. Then before I got of the phone I asked, “Is the pain still gone?”

“Yes, there is no more pain.”

I mentioned again how much Jesus loves her, and all she has to do is say yes.

Remember this Kingdom of God is at hand even when you on the phone with the customer care agent from Vizio. Our job is to simple look, listen and respond to what the Holy Spirit is doing and by that we put Jesus on display with love and power.

Cashier at Best Buy says "You're freaking me out!" as her body was being healed.

As I was checking out at Best Buy, I prayed for two cashiers, and both got healed.

I asked Kimberly, the second cashier, if she had pain in her lower back and hip area. She looked at me and said, "Why do you ask?"

"I'm a Christian, and sometimes I get pictures and impressions for people who need healing in their body. Does that make sense to you?"

 "You're freaking me out," she said shyly. "How did you know that?"

 "This is Jesus. He wants to demonstrate his love toward you. Do you mind if I pray for you?" She nervously said OK, so I took her hand and commanded the pain to go.

She looked at me and said, "This is crazy! You're freaking me out!"

"Why?" I asked.

 "Because the pain is out of my back, and now my legs don't hurt either. You didn't know about that." Nervous laughter escaped her mouth.

 "How long have you had this issue?" I asked.

"Months with no relief," she replied.

Someone happened to have placed a chair near her just a moment before, so I asked her if her back and leg problems involved a difference in the length of her legs. She sat in the chair and let me check to see if there was a difference in her leg lengths. And there was an enormous difference - like nearly three inches difference. She could see it. "Oh my gosh!" she exclaimed.

Tyler and I prayed for her, and her leg grew out to normal. She could feel it happening. She stood up and said, "This is way too freaky!" She was getting more nervous, so I tried to calm her by letting her know I was a pastor.

As we talked for a moment, she let me know that the pain had returned into her back. "Don't worry," I assured her. "Your leg and back were so jacked up that it doesn't surprise me." I prayed for her again, and all the pain left.

She kept saying, "This is so freaky," so I pulled out my phone and began to show her videos of others who have been healed. Her eyes got so big as she said, "This is unbelievable." I asked if I could get her video testimony, but she was way too shy.

 "I want to come to your church," she said.

I gave her my card. I looked her right in the eye. I smiled and said, "Kimberly, this was the love of Jesus for you."

She smiled back and said, "Thank you. There's no more pain."

Drive-thru Healing at a Braums!

The kingdom of God is even at hand when you're going through a drive-thru to pick up ice cream at Braums with one of your kiddos!

Remember, the Holy Spirit is always at work our job is just to simply look, listen and respond and put Jesus on display with love and power as we go about our day. Check out this video testimony.


Creative Miracle - New Kidney forms and Grows after Kidney was removed at age 16!!!

I just got this amazing testimony from a lady named Jesse from Cap Town, South Africa. When I was there along with Reinhard Rehberg doing equipping and training on Power evangelism and healing. You have to read this testimony, God created a new Kidney for Jesse after we prayed for her!!!! ....

Hello pastor Brian, this is Jesse from Cape Town, South Africa. I just wanted to share with you about my healing that happened after you and the team prayed for me. When I was 16yrs old I had to have my left kidney removed and my right kidney was only functioning at 2% from age 16. I had to get injections for 32 years.

Then on 8/8/2016 I was in a meeting where you were praying. You had a word of knowledge about kidney issues, and you prayed for me along with your team at my church. I had a doctor’s appointment the next day, and my doctor decided to take me off injections because the tests showed my kidney was now functioning from 2% percent previously to 90% now. The doctor also did x-rays, and it showed growth of a new kidney on the left where there was no kidney before. 

Today I had another follow up with my doctor. It's been one month now without any of the injections that helped keep my one kidney alive and working. The doctor did more tests and x-rays today, and the right kidney is now functioning at 98% where it was only functioning at 2% before! The left kidney is now fully formed 100% where there was no kidney!!! I've waited 32 years for my miracle. God is the God of miracles!

Jesse, is trying to get a copy of the x-rays and medical reports... She said she would send them and I could post them once she can get them.

Come on Jesus!!!


"Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! The pain is gone,” said the supervising agent in the retention department of AT&T.

Well as many of you know, Jeanine and I just got back from being in South Africa for 17days, where which we had an amazing time. When we got home, my kids and mother-in-law told us that our AT&T internet service has been having major problems, which is super frustrating because we've had 6 technicians out since we moved this spring, and I've been on the phone so many times with AT&T. (The one redeeming thing is almost every time the Holy Spirit has spoken to me about an issue or condition with the agent I was speaking to, and I've seen many people healed over the phone.)

A supervisor named Kiana was helping me to figure out the problem. I said, “Kiana, before we get off the phone, let me ask you something. I know this might sound a bit odd, but have you been having these conditions in your body?” I went on to describe pain on the right side of her body in her shoulder blade going down her back and also pain in her left knee.

 “Oh my goodness! How did you know that?” she exclaimed. I told her that I'm a Christian and that Jesus often will give me insight into things that are going on with people as a sign of his love for them. She said, “Oh! I'm a believer, but this is wild.” I told her this is what Christians do. Then I went on to ask her her pain level from 1 to 10. She said it was an 8. I began to pray. I spoke to the pain and told it to go. I told Kiana she would experience a warmth or tingling in her body. Then I asked her to look for the pain by moving around.

She got quiet then said, “I can't find the pain anywhere. Oh my goodness, this is crazy.”

“No really,” I said, “check it! How does it feel?”

She moved around and did whatever she needed to do to check for the pain. She said, “It’s all gone, but there is a tiny bit of pain in my left shoulder.” So I spoke to the pain again, telling it to go, and asked her to move it. She yelled out, “Oh my goodness! What are you doing to me?” She said, “I felt that tingling go all over my body, and it just left! I've had this pain for 3 months and there is no more pain.”

I again explained, “This was just a sign of God’s good love for you.”

“Oh my goodness, you just made my day. This is amazing. Oh my goodness!”

Remember Jesus is at work all they time matter what, when, or where. Our job is to simply look, listen, and respond, and put him on display with love and power.

Lady gets healed in lazy river at the water park!!!

My family and I took a day trip to Clinton, OK to go to the Water Zoo indoor water park. I happened to see a lady floating in the lazy river near us who had a neck brace on. As I floated next to her I asked her why she had the neck brace and if she was in pain. She said she had a major surgery a month ago involving fusions in her neck.

I asked her what her level of pain was on a scale from one to ten. She said it has been an eight or higher since the surgery. It was an eight at the moment. I asked if I could pray for her. She said yes and that she was also a believer.

I prayed and the pain decreased from an eight to a four. So I prayed again, and this time it dropped to a two. The third time I prayed, the pain completely left to a zero.

 "There's no more pain at all! It's totally gone," she explained. She hadn't been pain free in over a month. I asked her what she felt as I prayed for her. "It was a warm feeling over my neck. It felt like a hand was touching my neck. Then the pain left."

Remember the kingdom of God is at hand, even when you are floating in the lazy river at the water park. Our job is to simply, look, listen and respond and put Jesus on display with love and power.

A Word of Knowledge Shocks a Delta Airlines Agent

Crazy sweet story! I was booking a flight for South Africa. The first call I made, the line dropped, so I had a call back again, which I was super frustrated about. But then I had to stop my mind and began to wonder, what if the Lord has someone else for me to talk to. Maybe He wants to give me a word of knowledge or impression for someone else. Well I then got to speak to a sweet lady named Sheri. She gave me helpful information about the best way to book the multiple-city flight to South Africa in August. As we wind up the conversation, I said to Sheri, “By any chance, are you having problems with your ankle and your lower back?”

Sheri said, “OK, that's really random! I have issues in those two places.” I asked her on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, what was her pain level is. She told me it was about a six and four.

I found out later that she’d had this pain for years and was scheduled to go to the Mayo clinic for further care next week. She had been using crutches and didn't know what was wrong with her. She asked, “OK, this is so weird! How did you know this?”

“I get pictures and impressions from Jesus. I’m a Christian.”

“I'm a Christian too,” Sheri said.

 “Great! Do you mind if I pray for you?” I asked.

She was a little bit hesitant, only because she was working and didn't know what the protocol for that was, so she said, “Yeah, I guess so. I didn't ask you; you asked me, so I guess it will be OK.”

I prayed a simple prayer for the Holy Spirit to come, speaking to the pain and commanding it to go. After the first prayer, the pain in her back had dramatically decreased. The ankle pain was completely gone. So I asked her if I could pray for her one more time. She said sure. I prayed again. She checked her back, and all the pain was completely gone. She told me she felt a tingling sensation on the right side of her body. She was so freaked out, and I could tell she was grateful at the same time. I asked her, “Sheri, did you believe that these kind of things could happen?”

“Yes,” she replied, “but not for me.”

“Well Jesus was concerned about your ankle and your back, and he wants you to know how much she loves you and cares for you. He wants you to know He's thinking of you.” She was again incredibly grateful and a bit freaked out. I could tell she was holding back tears.

This is just another reminder that God is always at work no matter what, and that He’s even concerned with the customer care agent on the other line, wanting to break in to express His love. This isn’t about some special gifting. It’s about just looking, listening, and responding to what the Holy Spirit is doing, which is always putting Jesus on display with love and power.

Security system customer care agent healed over the phone!!!

OK – I’m convinced now that Jesus loves customer care agents, the same ones we’ve grown to hate. Long crazy story, but I had to call Digital Life, which is our security system through AT&T, because a technician had come out and accidentally messed something up with our wifi, so I was on the phone back and forth to figure out what was going on. To tell you the truth, I get frustrated with being transferred to this person and that person. Finally, I got a rep named Jonathan. He did a great job of helping me figure out what was going on with the security system and loss of internet access.

We were finishing up the call when I had a slight impression there was something wrong with the right side of his lower back and his neck was in pain. So I said, “Do you mind if I ask you an interesting question?”

“Sure, go ahead,” he said.

 “Well, Jonathan, sometimes I get these pictures impressions. Do you have something wrong with the lower part of your right back and your neck?”

He gasped, “Man! How did you know that!”

He was super surprised, and now he was curious, so I said, “All those pictures impressions are a gift from Jesus, and Jesus is saying that He loves you. He's near to you, and He wants a relationship with you. Do you mind if I pray for your neck and back?”

“Yes,” he eagerly said. “Go ahead!”

I prayed 4 times, and each time the pain diminished as it went from a 7 to a 5 to a 3 to a 1. He was so shocked. He exclaimed, “Dude! How did you do that! This is crazy!” All his pain was completely gone, and he felt warm all through his body. 

“Jonathan,” I said, “I don't know where your faith is . . .”

“Well,” he interrupted, “I used to go to church with my mom when I was a kid, but really I kind of wanted away from that.”

“Jonathan, I'm not talking about going to church. I'm talking about a personal relationship with Jesus - that He is pursuing you, and he loves you. The reason why you felt the pain leave was Him letting you know how close He is and that He's inviting you into a relationship with him.”

 “Dude! You don't know! You’re like the third person that said something like this to me. I can't wait to go out with my girlfriend—she's a believer—and tell her about this!”

I began again to share with Jonathan more. “It's really simple. Jesus is pursuing you and inviting you into relationship, and all you need to do is respond, saying, ‘Jesus, I want that relationship with you.’”

“Oh man, when I get home, I'm going to really talk this over with my girlfriend. You've got my mind really thinking. I have to explore this more.”

We continued to talk. “Jonathan, here's all you need to do: just simply respond by  saying yes, Jesus, I want that relationship with you.”

 “I'm so going home to talk this over with my girlfriend,” he continued to say excitedly. I could tell he really need to process this with someone he knew well, so I encouraged him to do that and to just say to Jesus, yes, I want that relationship with you.

We had been on the phone for 30 minutes, and he said, “I'm so sorry, but I have to go. I'm being timed on the call, but man please know I'm so thankful for what you did for me. I really can't wait to get home so I can think through this and talk with my girlfriend about what has happened. She will be so shocked. Thank you so much!”

As I got off the phone with him, I told him one last time, “This is Jesus pursuing a relationship with you.”

I have found it’s not my job to make the hard sell and close but to simply witness in demonstration and proclamation and put Jesus on display with love and power.

Next time you're on a customer care call, take a risk, look, listen, and respond, and put Jesus on display with love and power. 

Healing at McDonalds drive thru!!!

I went to lunch with my good friend David Mullican today. As we were heading back to my house Jeanine sent me a text asking if I could pick Tyler up some McDonald's. As David drove up to the window to pay and I was in the passenger seat, I felt like I had an impression about 2 conditions in the drive-thru lady's body. So I asked Maria if she happened to have a problem with her wrist and shoulder.

"No," she replied, "but I have a problem in my knee from an old basketball injury." So I asked Maria what her pain level was on a scale from 1 to 10. She said a 7, so I prayed a simple prayer of command, then told her she would feel a warm presence come over her body and the pain would go. I asked her to try it out. She looked at David and me and said, "Would you think I was crazy if I told you it worked?" David and I just laughed and said no then I asked her to tell me what she felt. "I felt that warm presence come into my hip, down in my knees, and all the pain left!"

I told Maria this was the love of Jesus for her. She was so excited and said, "I will never forget this. Thank you so much."

I asked if she would be willing to share her testimony of what happened and she gladly said yes. Check out her video testimony below.

Remember to take a risk and put Jesus on display with love and power.