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3 reasons why I share healing testimonies and kingdom encounters...

3 reasons why I share healing testimonies and kingdom encounters
The first and greatest reason is to honor Jesus. He is the healer, and every testimony of his healing activity is a reflection of his beauty, glory, kindness, and might.
The second reason I share testimonies is to encourage others that if God can use this skinny man trapped in a husky man's body, he can use anyone! The only reason I see healings and encounters more than some is because I just make myself available and step out to take a risk. I believe that in Matthew 10 Jesus already commissioned us to go and heal the sick and proclaim the good news. Our responsibility is just to take Jesus at his word. John Wimber said it best: Faith is spelled R-I-S-K.
The reason it's a risk is because we live in the tension of the now and the not yet of the kingdom. Not everyone is healed. God's will isn't always done on the earth. And the truth is we will all suffer, go through pain, and experience death. However, we are never to allow the tension to overshadow the commissioning of Jesus. I personally believe that there is more of the kingdom available to us now than we often believe. As Bill Johnson says, we should focus on what God is doing, not what God hasn't done yet.
But it's still a struggle. I have a sick boy at home, and I have suffered with lots of issues personally, but no matter the issue, we are still commissioned to go and proclaim the kingdom of a good God with love, practical acts, and power. Jesus always coupled the proclamation of the good news with a demonstration of that good news. It's both showing and telling others of the reality that heaven has invaded earth. For us, that might mean taking time out of our busy day to notice others and ask them if we can simply pray for them. Our job is to open our hearts and mouths and trust God to bring his kingdom.
I'm always trying to look, listen, and put Jesus on display with love and power wherever I go. But I also often miss words and people and allow other things to

get in the way. I'm trying to renew my mind to trust in the goodness of God and put him on display.
When I share stories, my prayer is that people won't think, "Wow! That guy must be anointed or specially gifted," but, "Wow! If he can do it, I can do it too!" I promise you, it's not an issue of gifting. It's an act of obedience and simply making yourself available and trusting that Jesus has already commissioned you. The final reason I share healing testimonies is to remind and encourage myself. When I'm weak and struggling (which is more often than I would care to admit), I don't want to lose heart. I don't want to forget how good and amazing God really is and that he has called me and his church to be the body of Christ on the earth. We are to be Jesus with skin on to others. This is both messy and glorious. As Henry Nouwen says, we are all wounded healers. While I struggle with my own woundedness and trials, I mustn't forget who Jesus is, who he's called us (the church) to be, and his commission to be his ambassadors on the earth.

I would encourage you to take a risk this week. Ask God to help you know that his kingdom is at hand. Ask him to help you look, listen, and respond to his activity in the lives of people around you. God is always at work. You are just joining him in what he is already doing. Jesus is standing on the stormy waves, and he's called us to come, just like he called Peter. But Jesus won't help you out of the boat. You have to make that step out onto the storm-tossed water. We keep our eyes on Jesus, not the storm or the waves, and we walk toward him. Like Peter, when our eyes go to the storm instead of him, Jesus always reaches out to grab us. We are all called to walk on water and not stay in the boat.

The kingdom of God is at hand no matter what.