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A broken car leads to salvation!

My car broke down this afternoon with Mark Goering on our way back from a leadership advance that Norman Community Church had welcomed us to sit in on. I love what God is doing at NormComm and was so glad to connect with our friends there and glean from what God is doing in them. "Mark, is that smoke

coming from my car," I asked just before smoke started coming in through the vents. I looked at the gauges only to find my car overheating. Thankfully, we were close to an auto repair shop, but they wouldn't be able to look at it today and didn't know what it would cost. We called some friends from church who took us up to the church where we saw Karina and Red.

"I know someone who can fix your car," Karina said. She knew someone from the Guatemalan community surrounding our church who would help us out. This piqued my curiosity for two reasons: the possibility of a quicker or cheaper repair, and the fact that we received a powerful prophetic word from Bob Hazlett last weekend about reaching out to that community. I also told Karina our air compressor was out on our Suburban, and we had been quoted $1500 to fix it. Long story short, this man was able to replace the radiator and the air compressor on a Saturday evening for under $500. "I can fix both cars," Saul the mechanic said. "Is it OK if I could have them done in an hour?"

This is awesome, I thought to myself. I figured I was saving a couple grand and in a very short amount of time, and we'd have both cars up and running to get us all to church tomorrow morning. While Saul was working on our cars, we had a great time at dinner with friends.

When we got back, Karina translated as I asked Saul if we could pray for him about anything. He had some family concerns. I also asked him if there were any problems in his body. I thought I had a word of knowledge for him, but I totally missed that. But, he said, he had problems with his knee. I had Karina ask if she, Red, and I could pray for his knee, and he said yes. All the pain left as we prayed. He said he felt a cool presence come over his knee. Also, Red had a powerful prophetic encouragement for him.

"Saul, do you have a relationship with Jesus," I asked.
"I grew up knowing about prayer from my mama," he said. But he had seen so much fighting in the church that it made him not want to be a part of it. He told us about a recurring dream he's been having about the end of the world coming, and he was trying to warn people, but he didn't know how.

"Saul," I said, "Jesus is calling you into a relationship with him." We began to share the love of God and the message of the gospel win him. "Would you like to give your life to Christ?"

"I want to give my life to Jesus." There in his front yard Karina, Red, and I led Saul to the Lord.

The kingdom of God is at hand even when your car is smoking and broken down. You never know when a set back will lead to a blessing and a kingdom encounter. Come on Jesus!!!