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A Daddy-Daughters Date!

A Daddy-Daughters Date
After lunch, play time at Dave and Busters, and ice cream on our daddy-daughter date, I asked the girls if they would like to go and pray for people. They both said yes! Nothing touches my heart more than that. So we bought about 20 cheeseburgers from McDonalds, called a couple friends, Scott Galbraith and Mark Goering, and headed over to a laundromat, grocery store, and liquor store. (Don't worry -- the girls and I didn't go into the liquor store!) We simply handed out free hamburgers and waters and asked if we could pray for any physical or spiritual needs. We had one objective: to demonstrate the love and power of a good God.
We went into the laundry mat first, and I asked the manger if we could simply love on people by giving away free hamburgers and drinks and praying. She was a bit taken back by that. Her English wasn't much better than my Spanish (I can barely speak English, let alone Spanish), so she called her boss on the phone and explained in Spanish the best she could understand what we wanted to do. Then she handed me the phone. The manager spoke good English, so I just shared with him what we were wanting to do. He said, "OK. Inside or out?"
I said, "Both, if it's OK."
"So when do you want to do this," he asked.
"Like now!"
"OK, sure," he replied. We always try to be honoring to the local businesses, so we ask permission first whenever possible.
There was one lady who happened to be in the laundromat at the time, so I gave the girls a hamburger and water. I told the lady, "Hey, we are simply trying to demonstrate the love of Jesus in a very simple and practical way. Would you like a hamburger and water? Is there anything we can pray for you about?" She had a back condition from a car accident when she was 18 and should have had back surgery. She has just learned to live with the pain. "Do you mind if my girls pray for you," I asked. "Please don't be nice to the girls. I promise you that you're not going to hurt their feelings. I know they are cute and all, but you won't help them or you by lying to us. So please just tell us if the pain goes or if it's the same." She said her pain was at a 6 on a scale from 1 to 10.
The girls laid their cute little dangerous hands on the sweet lady and simply prayed along with me, speaking to pain. I told her she would feel a tangible heat and tingling on her back. I then had Amberlyn ask her where the pain was at now.

She said a 2, and she could feel the tingling heat. I had the girls pray again, and the rest of the pain left. She was bent down and tested it out. She said, "No more pain!" We told her this was just the love of Jesus for her.
After we prayed for her, we went out into the parking lot. We asked if people would like hamburgers and prayer. Scott started up a conversation with a lady who was heading into the convenience store. She was grateful for the hamburger and wanted prayer for a relative. Scott had asked her if she had any physical needs herself, and she said no. She was engaged in prayer with Scott about her relative and was thanking him for the prayer and hamburger. Just as she was turning to walk away, I said, "You have a pain right here above your belt line." "How did you know that? Yes, that's right."

Scott said, "I thought you didn't have any pain."
"I'm sorry," she said. "I've just learned to live with it. It hurts me all the time and has for years, so I just deal with it."
I asked if my two little girls could pray for her again. Like always, she said, "Oh, that's so precious." (I would agree, but they are packing the love and power of a good God.) I helped lead the girls in a prayer. The lady was shocked as she felt the presence of God come all come over and all the pain left she was surprised and excited -- so much so that she went in and told the store clerk that these little girls prayed for her back and her pain was all gone! She told how she felt this presence come over her. The store clerk was so intrigued that she had to come out and meet these little girls. The lady was so grateful, saying, "I believe Jesus is good!"
As we left there, we saw an older lady walking trough the parking lot. I grabbed the girls and said, "Let's take her a hamburger." Scott and Mark came over as well.
I told the sweet older lady what we were doing, and I asked if she would like a hamburger and prayer. She said, "Oh! You can pray for my head. I have a horrible migraines." She said it was a 10 pain level. I had Scott lead the prayer with Amberlyn, Ashley, and Mark helping. The pain went from a 10 to a 1 as tears were rolling down her cheek.
I said, "You also have a problem with your eyes. You are seeing very blurry." She said yes, so I asked if we could pray again, and she was more than happy to let us. I picked up little Ashley and asked the sweet older lady if Ashley could put her hands on her eyes. She said sure. I had Ashley pray along with me, and we told the rest of the pain to go and the blurriness to leave and clear site to return. She opened her eyes, and all the pain was gone. She could see clearly.
It's amazing what Jesus can do through a 6 year old who simply puts out her little hands and prays. We hugged and embraced the sweet lady, giving her a kiss on the cheek. It was a sweet moment.
Mark and Scott headed over to the liquor store and prayed for the clerk inside as well as a guy outside. I'd love to tell you that all the people we prayed for were healed, but that wouldn't be true. Some still walked away in pain. Scott is going to

share a story of a guy we met named Eddie. Oh how we all wish we could have seen him healed, but we just simply served him with love.
We still had some hamburgers left, so we went downtown and handed them out to a group of prostitutes and the homeless. Yes, I took my two little girls with me. They handed out the hamburgers and prayed for one of the prostitutes whose back was healed. They were all so touched that we would care enough to talk, pray, and that these two little girls were loving on them.

These were just a few of the stories of God's love and power being demonstrated with simple hamburgers, love, and prayer.
We get to live a life of love and power and put Jesus on display for others, even on daddy-daughter dates.