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A lost wallet leads to a kingdom encounter!

A lost wallet leads to a kingdom encounter!
Today, I was at a Homeland grocery store, and I had to go to the restroom. As I left the restroom, I saw a wallet lying on the bathroom floor. I picked it up thinking I would just turn it in to one of the store clerks. Then I had the thought that this could lead to a kingdom encounter. Instead of turning it in, I looked through the wallet to see if I could find any info that would help me find the owner of the lost wallet. As I looked through the wallet, I found a number that matched the name on the person's ID. The guy's first name was Solomon. I called the number, and a guy answered. "Is this Solomon?" I asked.
"Yes," he said. I told him I found his wallet in the bathroom of the Homeland grocery store, and he was so thankful. I told him I would meet him out front of the store because he was just a mile away.
As I was walking out front, I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me about two conditions in his body. When he pulled up and got out of the truck, I saw a brace on his arm. The brace, plus the sense that God wanted to encounter the man, plus the impressions about his pain all released a sense of faith to me. So I decided to go with a more bold approach. I walked up to Solomon and said, "Hello! I'm Brian. I have your wallet." I handed it to him and said, "Solomon, this was no accident that you lost your wallet." He looked at me a bit funny, and I continued. "You have a pain in your right shoulder and in your back," and I pointed to where the pain was at on his back.
"Yes, I have a pain in my right shoulder and in my back, right where you pointed. I was in a car accident. That's why I have the pain in my back and right shoulder and also the brace on my arm."
"Solomon, I couldn't have known anything about your shoulder or back. The reason I knew that was because Jesus told me about your condition. He just set you up to have a divine encounter with him. If you let me pray for you, all the pain will go, and you will be healed."
"Yes, you can pray for me," he said. Long story short, Solomon not only got his wallet back, but the pain left. I told Solomon, "Jesus just encountered you with his love!"
You never know when a lost wallet can turn into a kingdom encounter with a man being healed. Remember, the kingdom of God is at hand all the time. Our job is to simply look, listen, and respond to his activity.