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A Morning Muse...

A Morning Muse
Don't forget who you are and you won't act like who you aren't. Breathe in a fresh revelation of the nature and mercy of an amazing God who made and transformed you into his likeness. Live from the vine of life--Jesus, who is the way, the truth, and the life. He chose you. He redeemed you. He created you to be, so don't be who you aren't, but be who he says you are. Then you will live like he is and do what he does. You are a reflection of his radiant beauty, amessenger of reconciliation, hope to a world who still thinks of who they aren't instead who they are in Christ.
May heaven invade our earthly minds so that we might live out the gospel of his goodness and bring hope and resurrection to the shadows of death. You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus not by your good works but because of his glorious work and grace. So go and enjoy and share the good news by drinking from it first. Then let it flow out of you, causing others to taste and see that he is good. His goodness leads the transgressor into sonship. God's not mad at you, so stop being mad at yourself, the world, and others. Instead, be who he has called you to be--a reformer of HOPE and Joy in chaos. His life is living bread. Take a bite and see. Share the bread which you have feasted on.