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A phone call from a friend leads to a Kingdom Encounter.

Crazy cool kingdom encounter just happened (while I'm at home not feeling great and have two kids down with the flu.)

I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine in Georgia. He was at a gas station, and as we were talking on the phone I heard someone in the background. Then I had a flash of a picture in my mind's eye of a person wearing red. So I asked  David if there was someone around him with red on. "Hold on. I can't hear you over the talking in here. Let me step out of the store." I repeated my question when he was outside, and he said, "Yes, there's a lady with a red vest on."

"I think she has an issue with her left shoulder and lower back," I added. So David turned around, went bank into the store, and asked the lady with the red vest on if she was having and issue with her lower back and shoulder. "Let me call you back," he said to me. "She said yes!"

About 5 minutes later, David called me back saying, "Dude, that was awesome. She totally got healed!" The lady in red was the lady that was so loud in the store that David had to step out so he could hear me. David happened to see two people at the store that he knew, one of whom worked at the store. He grabbed both of them and had them help him pray for the lady.

The lady in red started crying, saying, "The pain is all gone!" As she cried and expressed her thanks, she told David she was a believer. 

David admonished her, "When you go to church tomorrow, share how God healed you, and pray for anyone else there who has pain. Give away what God has freely given to you."

"I will! I will!" she declared. 

The kingdom of God is at hand even when you are on the phone with a friend!