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A Word of Knowledge Shocks a Delta Airlines Agent

Crazy sweet story! I was booking a flight for South Africa. The first call I made, the line dropped, so I had a call back again, which I was super frustrated about. But then I had to stop my mind and began to wonder, what if the Lord has someone else for me to talk to. Maybe He wants to give me a word of knowledge or impression for someone else. Well I then got to speak to a sweet lady named Sheri. She gave me helpful information about the best way to book the multiple-city flight to South Africa in August. As we wind up the conversation, I said to Sheri, “By any chance, are you having problems with your ankle and your lower back?”

Sheri said, “OK, that's really random! I have issues in those two places.” I asked her on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, what was her pain level is. She told me it was about a six and four.

I found out later that she’d had this pain for years and was scheduled to go to the Mayo clinic for further care next week. She had been using crutches and didn't know what was wrong with her. She asked, “OK, this is so weird! How did you know this?”

“I get pictures and impressions from Jesus. I’m a Christian.”

“I'm a Christian too,” Sheri said.

 “Great! Do you mind if I pray for you?” I asked.

She was a little bit hesitant, only because she was working and didn't know what the protocol for that was, so she said, “Yeah, I guess so. I didn't ask you; you asked me, so I guess it will be OK.”

I prayed a simple prayer for the Holy Spirit to come, speaking to the pain and commanding it to go. After the first prayer, the pain in her back had dramatically decreased. The ankle pain was completely gone. So I asked her if I could pray for her one more time. She said sure. I prayed again. She checked her back, and all the pain was completely gone. She told me she felt a tingling sensation on the right side of her body. She was so freaked out, and I could tell she was grateful at the same time. I asked her, “Sheri, did you believe that these kind of things could happen?”

“Yes,” she replied, “but not for me.”

“Well Jesus was concerned about your ankle and your back, and he wants you to know how much she loves you and cares for you. He wants you to know He's thinking of you.” She was again incredibly grateful and a bit freaked out. I could tell she was holding back tears.

This is just another reminder that God is always at work no matter what, and that He’s even concerned with the customer care agent on the other line, wanting to break in to express His love. This isn’t about some special gifting. It’s about just looking, listening, and responding to what the Holy Spirit is doing, which is always putting Jesus on display with love and power.