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A young man at the mall walks away carrying his crutches in his hand!

I was at Penn Square at the Apple Store to buy a new laptop and see my friend, Matt. As I was coming around the corner I saw a young man and woman coming out of the Apple Store. He was on crutches. When I saw him, compassion hit my heart, and I felt drawn to go and pray for him. I have to admit I just wanted to get in the Apple Store and out, and I had that feeling that I didn't want to face the rejection of nothing happening. Even though I've seen lots of people healed, I still struggle with this, like everyone. But the compassionate heart of Jesus won over my fear of being rejected.

I walked up to the young man and simply asked what had happened to his leg. He went on to tell me how he had been in a major car accident and broke his leg. He just got out of a wheelchair 3 months ago. He lives in pain all the time and can't stand or walk without crutches. I introduced myself and asked his name, which was Jorge.

“Jorge,” I said, “I'm a Christian, a follower of Jesus, and I would love to pray for you. Would that be okay?”
“Yes, please do.” I asked Jorge where his pain level was on a scale of 1 to 10. He said at the moment it was a 5.

As I began to pray for him, Jorge said, “Oh my gosh!”
“What's going on?” I asked.
He told me there was a warm tingling feeling coming all through his body. I asked him if he felt comfortable trying to do something he couldn't do before. He stood on both legs and looked at his friend and started to say there was no more pain and this was the first time he had been able to stand upright. His friend Martha confirmed that and was amazed.
Then I asked Jorge if he wanted to try to walk. He said yes, and I took his hand and his crutches and said, “Come walk with me.”
As we walked up and down the mall with him just holding my hand, Jorge was crying and saying, “Is this a dream?” We even walked up and down stairs, right past the Apple Store where I happened to see Matt and just waved at him. As I was holding Jorge's crutches and walking with him, Matt looked up, shook his head, pointed to some co-workers, and told them, “That guy is being healed,” and he just smiled.
Jorge and I turned around and walked up the stairs. I said to Jorge, “You try walking up the stairs by yourself,” which he did with no help from me or the crutches. When he got to the top of the stairs, he just broke down crying. It was beautiful. Check out Jorge’s testimony and watch him walk without crutches! Come on Jesus!!!

I was just going to the Apple Store—not doing ministry or outreach, just going about my day. Remember it's as you go. We are to just simply look, listen, and respond to the Holy Spirit and put Jesus on display. We are all given the gift of the Holy Spirit and the commission to go (Matthew 10:7-8), and we are all called to live a lifestyle of putting Jesus on display. The commission of Jesus to love others and heal the sick wasn’t given to a chosen few, but to all believers, even if we are struggling with the fear and rejection that nothing may happen. We are all to live our lives with love and power.