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An Unexpected Errand Leads to a Kingdom Encounter!

Jeanine and I were sitting in the DMV renewing Jeanine's license. I was sitting there reading a book, and I told the Holy Spirit if you want me to pray for someone have them sit down next to me. This lady and her family came and sat right next to me. They could have sat anywhere else, but she sat so close she kept touching me. As she was sitting next to me, I felt as though her joints and muscles were in pain. Then she gets up and moves all of a sudden, so I just kept reading. Then Jeanine gets called up to take care of her license and she was soon finished and ready to go. 

As we were leaving guess who was leaving at the same time: the lady who was sitting next to me earlier. So I turned to her and said, "Excuse me, ma'am. I sometimes get pictures and impressions for people, and I felt as though you've been having a condition with your joints and muscles."

"I do. I have MS," she said. I asked if she was in pain right now, and she said yes. Her name was Bobbie. I asked if I could pray for her, and she said yes as she closed her eyes. 

I prayed a simple prayer: "Pain go that she might know the love of Jesus for her." Then I told her that she would feel a warm, tingling presence come over her body. "Bobby," I said, "what are you experiencing?"

She looked at me with a surprised look and said, "I felt that warm electrical presence like you said I would." Then I asked her where the pain was. She said, "It's gone!" She was so shocked and hugged me and kept thanking me. 

Remember the kingdom of God is at hand, even when you are on an errand. Our job is simply to put Jesus on display with love and power.