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Another AT&T service guy gets healed over the phone!

Another AT&T service guy gets healed over the phone! 

I was on the phone with AT&T again to confirm a cancellation, and the gentleman helping me was named Patrick. After he helped me process everything, I felt like I had a word of knowledge for healing for him. I kept having a nagging sense that I was going to miss it. It’s better to play it safe and do nothing. But since when do I play it safe? I remembered my friend, Eric Anderson, and his advice to “go for the no,” meaning if we are so afraid of a no we never attempt a yes. I’d rather go for a no than be paralyzed with the scheme of the enemy to put me in doubt and fear.

I asked Patrick if he was experiencing a pain in the right side of his ribs. He said, “No, but I woke up this morning with two numb fingers and a pinch in my neck, which is weird because I'm usually okay.” Apparently, I blew it on the word of knowledge, just as the fear had said. So, would I cower down or go for the no again?

“Well, I'm a follower of Jesus, and I love to pray for people. Do you mind if I pray for you?”

“Yes, please do!”

So I asked him on a scale of one to ten where the pain level was. He said it was a 4 on the neck and a 5 on the fingers. I prayed a quick prayer and asked him what he was experiencing.

“Wow! I can turn my neck so much more, and the numbness is just about gone. This is crazy! I feel like I'm on one of those reality TV shows. I've never had anything like this happen to me. I'm a Christian, and my brother’s a pastor. Man, this is crazy.” 

“Let me pray again,” I said. This time he felt 100% relief on his neck and barely any numbness in his fingers. He was so shocked and kept laughing with joy and saying thank you.  

Remember the kingdom of God is at hand no matter what, when, or where. The next time you find yourself on a long call to a customer care center, use it as an opportunity to put Jesus on display.