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Another awesome night of outreach tonight!

Another awesome night of outreach tonight! We saw several healings, prophetic words, and lots of people genuinely touched by the love of God at the bingo hall next to the Frontline South campus! What was really amazing was we had around 15 people who gave up a couple hours of their Monday night to simply love on and serve people. Our team consisted of various ages and backgrounds. The team was made up of people from Frontline south campus, Frontline downtown campus, as well as Antioch Church in Norman and Norman Community Church . I love when the church comes together for the common cause of the gospel! 

Our mission was simply to love and serve people in a practical way by offering them a bottle of water and cup of coffee and praying for their physical and spiritual needs. Once again, more prayer was accepted than coffee or water. 

We have some great healing testimonies and videos, which I will post in the next several days. Join us next Monday night to love God, love people, and push back darkness.