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Another drive-thru healing at Burger King!

I was just picking up lunch for Tyler and me. I felt as though I had a word of knowledge for the drive-thru guy. I shared the impression I had about his shoulder, and I missed it. He asked me why I asked him about his left shoulder. I told him, “Sometimes I get pictures and impression's for people, but I guess I missed it.” He seemed very intrigued by my answer, so I said, “Do you happen to have pain anywhere?” 

“Yes,” he said. “My knees hurt. I had a soccer game last night and hurt my knees.” There where cars piling up behind us, so I said let me see your hand. I told him he would feel a warm, tingling presence come on his knees. I told him to move them now and all the pain would go. He started moving his knees. He smiled really big, reached through the window to shake my hand, and said, “Wow, man! Thank you! All the pain left!” I looked him straight in the eyes and said "Chris this was the love of Jesus for you!" 

Remember the kingdom of God is at hand even when you're going through Burger King drive-thru and you miss on a word of knowledge!