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Apparently God loves T-Mobile agents as much as AT&T agents 😁...powerful encounter!

Crystal, the customer care agent at T-Mobile freaks out as I get a word of knowledge about what is physically going on in her body. As I prayed, the symptoms of MS started leaving her body. The severe pain, trembling, numbness, buzzing sensation, weakness, and her inability to walk without a cane leave.

I’m switching my cell service to T-Mobile because they have amazing international plans, which will allow me to have unlimited text and data while I’m in South Africa for the month of April. This gives me a great way to stay in touch with Jeanine and the family.

Today I called T-Mobile to finalize my order with them. The agent I was speaking to was Crystal. After about 10 minutes with her on the phone, we started to end the call, and I said, “Crystal, before you go, do you mind if I ask you a question? Crystal, I get pictures or impressions often about things that are going on in people’s lives, mostly connected to physical conditions. It’s a gift.” I usually just say all this to help the person have a framework of understanding about what’s going on. There’s not a special gift on me. God loves to work through all his children. I have found that if I start the conversation there, there’s a curiosity and intrigue to continue with the conversation. Most of the time people assume I’m a psychic or something. I’ve found sometimes if I start with “I’m a Christian” people can tend to shut down because they have a picture or baggage associated with that.

So I continued with Crystal, “The picture and impression I have for you is a physical one. I saw you had pain throughout your entire body – your joints, your muscles. And I saw it in your neck and back, but also through your whole body.”

Crystal immediately said, “Oh my gosh! How do you know this!?”

“I will tell you in just a second. Do you have a condition like fibromyalgia or something?” I was guessing at this, but I knew it had to do with pain in joints and muscles.

She said, “No, I was just recently diagnosed with MS. But it affects my whole body just like you were saying. In fact, right when you asked me that, I had just put the phone on mute for a second because I had to take a pain pill because I was in severe pain.” She was freaked out. “This is weird that you know this!” She kept asking me how I knew.

“I will tell you, but just let me ask a few questions. Can you rate your pain for me on a scale from one to ten?”

“It’s a seven, and this pain pill won’t kick in for another 30 minutes. I’m in pain all the time.” She told me she had numbness in her body, her legs, and her arms. She had a buzzing sensation that has been going on for two weeks, 24/7. She described it like the vibrate setting on a phone but throughout her whole body all the time.

“OK Crystal, I couldn’t have known that you were dealing with any of this. Do you mind if I try something?” She agreed. “In Jesus’ name, I command all the pain in Crystal’s body to leave. I command this infirmity to go. Now, Crystal, check your body to see what’s happening.”

 “You know,” she hesitated. “I do feel better. I feel the pain starting to go.”

“Where is the pain at now?”

 “I’d give it maybe a four.”

“OK Crystal,” I said, “if the pain can go from a seven to a four, it can go all the way. Is it OK if I pray one more time with you?”

“Yes sure!”

I prayed again, commanding the pain and infirmity to leave her body. This time the pain went down to a two. “This is amazing,” Crystal said. I asked her if we could pray again. This time she said it went down to a one with just a slight ache.

I asked, “Could I pray one more time, then you tell me what happens in your body?” I prayed another short prayer.

She exclaimed, “The buzzing just stopped in the upper part of my body! It’s completely gone!” The pain leaving got her attention, but when the buzzing left, it really got her attention. She didn’t know what to do or how to respond. “You are an amazing person. You are gifted. I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Crystal, if the Lord can do that in the upper part of your body, it can happen in the lower part of your body.” We prayed again, and all the buzzing in the lower part of her body stopped, and all the numbness left. She said she only had a small ache left in her legs.

Crystal was shocked and surprised. “I have been mad at God, wondering why He put this on me. People have told me maybe God has done this to help me understand what other people are going through.”

“Crystal, if this was God, then the pain and buzzing wouldn’t stop when I prayed. God didn’t put this on you. He never puts sickness or disease on a person. Crystal, you know the Lord’s prayer, right? You know where it says, ‘Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven?’ Crystal, is MS or any other sickness in heaven?”

“No,” she said.

“Right. And Jesus told us pray for what is in heaven to be on earth. MS is not from Jesus. This is an attack from the evil one. Crystal, do you have a relationship with Jesus? Have you asked him into your heart?”

 “Oh, yes I did. I used to be a meth addict and dealer for 16 years. My life was going nowhere, and I wanted to stop. I cried out to God, ‘You’re going to have to help me. I can’t do this.’” She told me she fell down on the ground on her face. The next day she woke up and a sixteen-year addiction was broken. Crystal had seen God move in her life years ago in a powerful way. But somehow she had started to believe that the MS was from God, so it confused her and made her very frustrated and angry.

She went on to explain all the debilitating things that have happened from MS. She starts opening up about her life. We end up talking on the phone for literally an hour. She can’t walk without using a walker or cane. She kept telling me about how her knees buckle, and she’s bruised all over, and that she has to takes ton of different medications. She also has a rare blood disease and trembles like an 80-year-old woman.

“But when you prayed, the pain started to go, and the buzzing completely left. I have actually been walking up and down my corridor with my headset on, pacing back and forth since you prayed for me. I could only walk 6 feet before my knees would buckle or my legs would get too weak, and I’d have to grab on to something. I just realized I’ve been walking for forty-five minutes as we’ve been talking on the phone. I can’t do this! But I’m walking! Without a cane!” She kept reiterating to me that this was impossible. She started opening up more about all the things that are going on in her life and about how it has been hard on her relationship with her husband.

I then started to pray for her again. I said, “I break the spirit that is over you and over your husband.” The phone call dropped right at that second. I thought, well that’s pretty interesting. I didn’t have a way to call Crystal back.

About four minutes later, my phone rang. It was Crystal. She kept thanking me for praying. She couldn’t believe what had happened to her. I prayed with her again and encouraged her to not let offense or anger step in her own heart.

Here’s the ironic thing. Her husband works with her and sits in the cubical next to her, so he could see everything that was happening. Every once in a while I could overhear her telling him what was going on. She explained that at first he was shaking his head when she was talking about her conditions. I told her she could just explain that she didn’t bring it up, Jesus did!

As we were ready to get off the phone, I told Crystal, “This was the love of Jesus. He wanted you to know that He has heard your pain, your frustration, and your cries. He wants you to know He didn’t put this sickness on you.”

“I think you’re right. This was an attack from the enemy.”

“Crystal, I would love to follow up with you. I don’t know how to do this best.”

“I’m not supposed to do this, but right this down.” She gave me her email address.

“OK Crystal, I’m going to email you and give you my information so we can pray more. Crystal, I’m believing for your complete healing over MS. If you can go from a seven level constant pain that doesn’t even fully alleviate with a pain pill, if the numbness in your body just left, and if the constant 24/7 head-to-toe buzzing is now gone, and on top of that you have been walking for 45 minutes without the aid of a cane, I would say Jesus is healing your body!”

I was doing regular life stuff, just trying to get new phone service. Not only that, but I’m also sick today with strep throat. So it doesn’t matter what you are going through or how ordinary it may seem, the kingdom of God is always at hand. Every day is an open opportunity for a kingdom encounter because the Holy Spirit is always at work. Our job description is only to look, listen, and respond and put Jesus on display with love and power.

Please keep Crystal in prayer for a 100% healing from MS.