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As you go about your day!

As you go about your day!
The most powerful thing you can do is simply notice someone and encourage them. We live in such a fast paced world where we want to get in and get out, or our attention is so focused on our smart phones that we miss people. One of the most supernatural things you can do is notice and encourage someone.

Yesterday as I was dropping off some print at FedEx, I simply took a moment to think about the lady serving me. The FedEx Kinkos people amaze me. They multitask like nobody’s business. I was having a rough day, but I just took a moment to think about the lady serving me. As I did, I felt an impression about problems with her wrists. To be honest, I wasn't sure if I wanted to step out because it was a rough day, but I decided to risk (AKA love).

I asked her, “Do you happen to have problems with your neck and wrist?”

“Yes,” she said. “Not my neck, but I have carpal tunnel in my wrists. Why? Where do you have pain?”

“I don’t have any pain. Do you happen to have anything else wrong in your body.” She was perplexed by the conversation, but she answered that her knee bothers her from time to time. She looked so puzzled and said, “How did you know about my wrist, and why would you ask me that?”

“Well, I'm a follower of Jesus, and sometimes he speaks to me about conditions or troubles in people's lives and bodies. Can I pray for your wrists and knees?”

She eagerly said I could, so I put my hand on hers and began to pray. “Jesus, thank you for your love and presence.”

She started tearing up, saying, “Oh thank you, Jesus. I talk with him everyday. He has answered so many prayers and has taken care of me.” She looked at me with joy in her eyes and said, “Thank you for doing that.”

I almost missed that lady and having an opportunity to demonstrate the love of God because I was so wrapped up in my own busyness, but I took the time to notice her and thank her for doing what she does. That opened up my heart to listen and respond in love.
As I was waiting for my print, another customer walked in with a medical mask on, and of course she just happened to come over to where I was standing. So I asked her how her day was, and then I said, “Are you doing OK? Have you been dealing with sickness?”
“Oh yes. I have COPD, and this weather is really causing me issues.”
I looked at her and said, “Would you mind if I could simply pray for you?”

“Oh yes! Would you please?” As I was praying, she felt a warm tingling sensation and a relief and peace came over her. She was so thankful.

Later in the evening, I was hanging out with my friend, Jim. We were talking in our car near a park when we saw a man, Brent, trying to read a sign to find a phone number so he could reserve the pool for his daughter’s birthday party. He saw us sitting in the car, so he walked over and asked if we knew who he could call. He mentioned he had a problem reading the sign because he had his vision damaged and can't see very far. His sight was really blurry.
Jim and I introduced ourselves and said, “Hey listen, we are followers of Jesus. Could we pray for your eyesight?”

He cautiously said, “OK man, that's cool as long as you’re not tripping on
me.” (That’s code for “I’m not interested in you trying to push religion on me.”) Jim asked him to turn around and read as much of the sign that he could. As he read the sign, he said, “I can't read that part.”

“OK,” Jim said. “We just wanted to test out what you could see so we know how effective our prayer is.”

“Oh, that's cool. I’ve seen that kind of stuff on TV. What you going to do? Lay hands all over me?” We just smiled and laughed.

“No, bro,” I said. “We don't even have to get out of the car. We can pray from here.” We started to pray, speaking to the blurriness. Jim said, “Would it be OK if I gently put my hand on your shoulder?” Brent said that would be ok. Then we simply and quietly spoke to the blurry condition to go, then asked him to read the sign again.
I loved his raw response. "OH SHIT! NO WAY!" (That's how unbelievers say amen.) "I can see so much clearer!” We asked how much different, and he said at least 40% better. He was so shocked!

The best way to put Jesus on display is just to notice people and be encourage them. As you go about your day look, listen, and respond to Jesus’ activity around you.