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AT&T Customer Care Lady Experiences The Presence Of The Holy Spirit!

Today I had to call AT&T about our DVRs. After the customer care lady helped me, I thanked her for serving me and told her I would love the opportunity to serve her in a simple and practical way. I told her i was a follower of Jesus and that I loved to pray for people. I asked if she needed prayer for any physical issues. She said no, she was fine, but she would like prayer. 

“I’d like to demonstrate to you the love and power of God,” I said. “You are going to tangibly feel His presence as I pray.” 

I asked her to tell me when she felt a warm-like current, and she said she felt it. So I asked the Holy Spirit to increase His presence on her. As I did, she felt a much stronger current come over her body. 

“Have you ever experienced anything like this before?” I asked. 

“No," she said. “I used to feel a knowing of God’s presence years ago when I would pray, but I haven't for along time. I’ve never felt anything like this.” 

I continued to share the love of Jesus and the gospel with her as we talked for a few more moments. 

I encourage you to serve those who are serving you. Remember the kingdom of God is at hand, even for AT&T customer care people.