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Crazy, awesome encounter last night!

Crazy, awesome encounter last night! I was on a daddy-daughter date with Annalisa, who is 12 years old. Annalisa and I went over to some friends' to watch the Father of Lights move that Bethel church was live streaming. Great movie! Afterwards, were all so pumped we started praying for one another and prophesying over each other. I asked a few of my friends if they would pray over Annalisa and for about 40 minutes they "read her mail," encouraged her and spoke God's heart and destiny over her. It was so powerful to watch. God was wrecking Annalisa's heart with his love. There's no greater thing for a parent to see. 

Then on the way home, which was about 2 AM, we saw these gang banger kids at the side of the road. A moment later Annalisa said, "Daddy, turn around! We need to go pray for those dudes. One of them has something wrong with his right shoulder." 

I have to admit I was a little shocked by her boldness and assurance, and I was tired and wanted to go home. Nonetheless, I turned around, and we headed back toward where we had seen the guys. They had gone into a gas station, so we pulled up as they were coming out. Meanwhile, another car pulled up full of more gang bangers. Still in our car, I shouted out to the guys we saw, "Hey, which one of you has a problem with your right shoulder?" 

This big guy walked up to the car, saying, "Why? Do you guys pray for people?" I replied that we do as we got out of the car. The guy turned to his friends, explaining, "This has happened to me before." He was shocked, surprised and eager to receive prayer. He explained his right shoulder wasn't bother him at the moment but he does have trouble with it. I began to prophesy over him, and he was just soaking it in. Then my little Annalisa becomes so bold, points to each one of them, and tells them how much Jesus loves them. 

As she was doing this, I felt a pain shoot into my back, and I knew it was a word of knowledge for one of the guys in the other car that pulled in behind me. "Which one of you has problems in your back?" 

The two in the front seat of the car were playing it cool, but the guy in the back spoke up. "It's me man!" I asked him where his pain was, and he said he had pain in his back, right shoulder, and tooth.

I asked him, "Will you let me pray for you? I guarantee you will be healed." I know this is a bold statement - it was just a gift of faith. I normally wouldn't say anything like that. He said I could pray, so I grabbed the other gang banger guy I had prayed for and said, "Hey bro, come help me. Let's see this guy get healed." 

Annalisa reached her hand into the car with me, and we prayed a quick prayer: "Pain, go now. Get out of his body." I looked at the guy, and he looked at his friends. He was so wacked out! His eyes got big, and he said the pain was leaving. The guys in the car were getting a little freaked out with a 12 year old girl, a chubby white guy, and a big ol' gang banger reaching into their car praying for their friend. I could tell they were ready to get out of there quick. The guy we prayed for just kept looking wide-eyed, as if to ask what just happened. I said, "Bro, Jesus loves you so much!" He was thanking us and telling us again how there was no more pain. 

I thanked the other guys for being so patient and asked if I could pray for anything for any of them. "No, man, no. We're good!" 

I turned to the gang banger guy who helped me pray, and we gave each other a big bear hug. "Thank you so much," he was saying. We got in our car and headed home at about 3 AM! 

Thank you, Jesus, for touching and empowering my little Annlisa with your heart! More, Lord, more!