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Creative Miracle - New Kidney forms and Grows after Kidney was removed at age 16!!!

I just got this amazing testimony from a lady named Jesse from Cap Town, South Africa. When I was there along with Reinhard Rehberg doing equipping and training on Power evangelism and healing. You have to read this testimony, God created a new Kidney for Jesse after we prayed for her!!!! ....

Hello pastor Brian, this is Jesse from Cape Town, South Africa. I just wanted to share with you about my healing that happened after you and the team prayed for me. When I was 16yrs old I had to have my left kidney removed and my right kidney was only functioning at 2% from age 16. I had to get injections for 32 years.

Then on 8/8/2016 I was in a meeting where you were praying. You had a word of knowledge about kidney issues, and you prayed for me along with your team at my church. I had a doctor’s appointment the next day, and my doctor decided to take me off injections because the tests showed my kidney was now functioning from 2% percent previously to 90% now. The doctor also did x-rays, and it showed growth of a new kidney on the left where there was no kidney before. 

Today I had another follow up with my doctor. It's been one month now without any of the injections that helped keep my one kidney alive and working. The doctor did more tests and x-rays today, and the right kidney is now functioning at 98% where it was only functioning at 2% before! The left kidney is now fully formed 100% where there was no kidney!!! I've waited 32 years for my miracle. God is the God of miracles!

Jesse, is trying to get a copy of the x-rays and medical reports... She said she would send them and I could post them once she can get them.

Come on Jesus!!!