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Credit Card agent touched by the presence of God over the phone!!!

This morning I called one of my Credit Card companies because I was trying to link one of my credit cards to my Apple Watch and phone so I could do Apple Pay when needed. I was on the phone with the customer care agent June, a man from a call center in the Philippines. I thought I would step out and take a risk with two conditions that were highlighted to me. I asked June about those two conditions, and he said, "Yes, sometimes, but why are you asking?"

I said, "Do you have pain in those areas right now?"

"No, not right now, but I do have issues in those two places." So I asked if he had pain anywhere at the moment in his body. June said, "Yes, I have issues with gout in my foot." I asked what his pain level was. He said it just hurt but not terribly.

I said, "OK, June, I'm going to pray for you right now, and all the pain from the gout is going to go. As a sign the Lord is healing the other two conditions in your body, you're going to feel a warm, tingling presence come over your body." I prayed a simple prayer telling the pain to leave. I asked June to move his foot to see where the pain was at now.

June ecstatically exclaimed, "I feel like electricity going through my body - all through my body!" Then he moved his foot and said, "All the pain is gone!" He was so thankful and surprised by what just happened.

I said, "June, this is Jesus just loving on you. Have you ever experienced anything like this before?"

"Never before over the phone in all my years of doing this anything like this ever happened," he declared excitedly. "I have felt things before in mass. I'm a catholic."

As June and I talked briefly, I got an impression about a 10-year-old boy. I asked, "June do you have a son that's 10yrs old?"

 "No, I have a son that's in his mid 20's."

Instead of fully dismissing it, I said, "You wouldn't happen to have a grandson that's 10, would you?"

June said, "I have 5 grandkids, one of which is 10 years old."

Then I felt the Holy Spirit give me a word for his 10-year-old grandson. I prayed over the word I gave about His grandson. June was just freaking out with excitement, saying you are amazing. I said, "No, it's Jesus! And June, this is what Christians get to do. We get to carry on the Jesus ministry." He kept thanking me. I then encouraged June to share his testimony with a co-worker and pray for them if they have any issues. Then I told him to look me up on FB. He said I'm not on FB, but I'm going to remember your name and tell my friends and family to look you up if they need prayer.

I encourage you to step out and take a RISK and put Jesus on display today... make this a habit this new year! What do we have to lose?... your fear? The Holy Spirit is always at work and He's always inviting us to join Him and advance the Kingdom.