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Customer Service Rep Healed Over the Phone!

Today I spoke with an AT&T customer service rep named Eddie about returning my old phone because I got a new one. As we were wrapping up the call, I had two words of knowledge for him about a condition in his body. Eddie was surprised and told me I was right about the two conditions.

I said, "Eddie, the only way I could have known about these two conditions was because Jesus loves you and knows all about you. I'm going to pray for you, Eddie, and you're going to feel a warm tingling, presence come over the back of your head and neck, and all the pain is going to leave. Now Eddie, move your neck around."

"I can feel the warmth and tingling," he said, "and the pain is going!" As we finished up the call Eddie added, "Thank you so much for your boldness and prayer."

Just remember that the kingdom of God is at hand, even when your on a customer service call.