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Depressed, Frustrated, and Busy. Holy Spirit Breaks in with a whisper, and a customer service rep gets healed from the effects of a mild stroke over the phone!

Today personally has just been a frustrating day. I've been battling some depression, just feeling confused and frustrated inside. On top of that I'm trying to get the house ready for Thanksgiving. We had some old furniture to move out when our new furniture arrived, so we were headed to Goodwill. Of course, what else would happen during a frustrating moment like this? I get a call from a customer care agent. The call was from Belle at Ashley furniture following up from our purchase a few days ago. I was frustrated, trying to get her off the phone. Then I felt the Lord started speaking to me about conditions in her body. To be honest, I thought, man I'm completely going to miss it, then I'm going to have to deal with more frustration and embarrassment. But instead, I stepped out and took a risk.

"Before we get off the phone, do you mind if I share some impressions I had," I asked. I explained that sometimes I get impressions for people. I asked her about three conditions: pain on the left side of her neck, pain going down into the left shoulder, and a wrist condition in both wrists that caused pain and numbness in her hands. As I explained these conditions, she said yes, she has all of these conditions. I had also sensed she had something with her heart, but I didn't say it out of nervousness. And to be honest, I was wondering if I was missing the whole thing because she was so upbeat on the phone that I didn't expect her to be suffering with anything. And also, I've been struggling today, really fighting depression. So when she said yes to the first three conditions, I was so excited that I was hearing correctly that I forgot about a heart condition. My faith was boosted, and I was certain God would heal her.

 "You don't even know me, sir. How do you know this about me," Belle asked inquisitively.

"Belle, I'm going to tell you that in a moment, but I'm going to pray for you now and all of your pain and conditions are going to leave." I asked her the pain level, and she said it was an eight.

I prayed a simple prayer of command. I commanded all the pain and numbness in her neck, shoulder, and hands to be healed. I told her she would feel a warm tingling presence fill her body. Then I asked her to move around to see where her pain level was after prayer.

"Sir, I have to be honest with you. I feel different. I feel goosebumps going through my body, and the pain is going." At this point, I put the call on speaker so Jeanine could hear it too.

"What do you mean, you feel it going?" I asked.

"I feel the pain leaving those places and going down my body and leaving down my leg."

"Thank you, Belle, for telling me that." From her description, I could tell that it was an afflicting spirit, or a spirit of infirmity. "Belle, it is going to completely leave and go all the way out your leg." I prayed, "In Jesus' name, I command the afflicting spirit to leave now." I asked her to move around and tell me what she was experiencing.

 "Sir! It is completely gone! I don't know how you did that." She was perplexed and also reserved, probably because our conversation was being recorded. "This is a miracle," she said, perplexed. "I believe in miracles, but I have never experienced one myself. In fact, the reason I have all these conditions is because I had a mild stroke a year ago."

 "Belle, I had also thoughts got there was something wrong with your heart but caught up and didn't say anything to you. I think that was referring to your stroke. I'm going to pray for that as well."

"I've had Bell's Palsy because of the stroke, and my eye dropped, but that gradually got better over time, but I still had numbness in my face. After you prayed the numbness in my face left."

Belle was totally freaked, while also keeping her voice calm and level because of the work environment. "How did you know all this? How did you do this?" she asked.

 "I'm going to tell you now what this was. Belle, I'm a Christian. I sometimes get impressions from Jesus for people because he loves them. I knew nothing about you, but Jesus does. Belle, Jesus is pursuing a personal relationship with you. He broke into our conversation we were having. You were talking with me as a customer, and he told me things about your body that I could not have known. This is Jesus saying that he has seen you. He has watched over you. He has seen your pain. What Jesus has done for your body he also wants to do with your whole life. All you need to do is simply say yes to Jesus, because he is making himself known to you. He is inviting you into a personal relationship."

With a cracking, tear-filled voice, Belle sniffed, "Sir, nobody has ever told me this in my whole life."

 "Well, he just encountered you today because he loves you. All you have to do is say yes. If you'd like to, I could pray for you now. All you have to do is say Jesus..."

"Sir, I don't think I can do that at work." She was full of emotions, aware that she was being recorded, and probably being timed on her call. So she was conflicted about praying right then.

"Belle, is this something you would like to do later? When you are on a break or at home tonight, all you have to do is tell Jesus you want have that relationship with him in your own words." I never pressure people to say a prayer, and I always try to be sensitive to people's environments and concerns. And I trust that if there has been an encounter, the Holy Spirit is pursuing that person and will continue. I just help give the person language for how to respond when they are ready.

 "Belle, if you like, when you get off work, you can look me up on Facebook, and we can talk more. I can tell you more about what Jesus has done for you."

 "Yes, sir, I think I would like that," she said. "Oh sir, thank you so much. Thank you is not even the right word. This is a miracle." All the symptoms that she had been carrying for a year were completely gone. I could tell from her voice that she was overwhelmed, thankful, and still processing what had just happened. We ended the call as I reminded her that this was just Jesus pursuing her with love.

Guys, please pray with me that Belle would receive fully what Jesus has for her.

So today I learned another lesson that God is having to continually remind me of. The Holy Spirit is actively working all the time, even when I'm dealing with my own depression, frustrated, and busy with life. He breaks in with a whisper. And he's only asked us to simply respond to that whisper in the chaos of our day. Take a risk and put Jesus on display with love and power.

I've found that the gospel works both ways. As God is working through me with His Spirit to her, it's also changing my heart, my perspective, and building my faith in his love. Just as much as He cares for her, He cares for me. This is the good news of the gospel.