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Do-Rag Healing!!!

Do-Rag Healing I have a favorite place I like to go to pray for people. It’s an area in Oklahoma City off of Exchange Avenue. This region is known for high poverty and crime rates, so I’ll often pray for people while I see drug deals happening and prostitutes soliciting customers nearby. It’s a great place to practice power evangelism.

On one occasion I was with an evangelism team we had taken out to Exchange, and I noticed a young lady walking by. I said, “Hey, we’re out sharing the love of God in really practical ways. Is there anything you need prayer for?”

She was a little taken aback at first, but also intrigued and excited. I had a couple of impressions for her which I shared about her, specifically, that she had a gift for writing and poetry. I told her that it was a gift from God to express her life and her emotions. She acknowledged this to be true but went on to talk about her mom. “You can pray for me if you like, but my mom is in prison. She has diabetes and a lot of other health problems. I just found out that she is in a diabetic coma, and she is dying.”

She had a do-rag scarf on her head. I said, “Are you going to be visiting your mom anytime soon?” She said no. Then I asked, “Can I have the do-rag from your head?” She agreed. “I know this sounds crazy, but there’s a story in the Bible about these guys who would pray over cloths and send them to people who were sick, and they would be healed. So we are going to pray over the do-rag, and then you can send it to your mom.” Then these words came out of my mouth: “…and she will be healed.”

Oh, how I wanted to take those words back! I wanted to pull them out of the air and stuff them back in my mouth. What was I thinking! What if she wasn’t healed?

She said, “Okay, I will.”

We talked to her a couple more minutes, and then we each went our own way, never expecting to see each other again.

Months later, I was out on Exchange again, doing power evangelism with a friend, when I saw her walking around talking on her phone. She saw me and told her friend on the phone she had to go while she hurried over to me. “You’ll never believe what happened! I sent the do-rag to my mom, and the day it arrived in the mail she came out of the coma!” She also thanked me for telling her about the poetry. She had won a lot of awards, and now her poetry was going all across the United States. “You didn’t know any of that!” She was so excited that she took us over to her apartment and introduced us to her boyfriend and some other friends. She kept on saying, “This is the guy who prayed and my mom was healed!”

It takes risk every time we go out to Exchange Avenue. It took risk for me to pray over that girl’s do-rag. I didn’t have a word from God that we needed to pray over the do-rag. It just seemed like something to step out and try. I didn’t mean to say that her mom would be healed, but the gift of faith which rose up in me from the Holy Spirit did. Because of the risks we took that day, a lady in prison is no longer in a coma, and her daughter received Christ’s love for her and the destiny He has for her.

Brian Blount (Taken From From The Sanctuary To The Streets)

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