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Door to Door We Go!

Today Mark Goering, Sean Beckett, and I went to check on a guy in an apartment that Mark had prayed for last week. As we were knocking on his door, my back was facing the neighboring door in this apartment complex. As Mark knocked again, no one answered, so I said to Mark and Sean, “I'm going to knock on this door behind me, because I kept feeling a pain shooting up my back as I stood in front of this door.” So Mark and Sean said, “OK, let's do it!”

So I knocked on the door, and we heard a man’s voice yell back, “What do you want?” 

I yelled through the door my name and that I was a pastor, and I asked if could we talk with him. The man opened the door. I stuck out my hand and introduced myself, and he told me his name was Bryant. I said, “Do you happen to have pain all up and down your back?” 

 He looked at me with a shocked look and said, “Yes. Why?” 

 “Well, sometimes I get pictures and impressions for people, and we were standing, knocking at your neighbor’s door so my back was up against your door. I felt a shooting pain go up and down my back. I felt there was something wrong with somebody's back in your apartment. Do you mind if we pray for you? I know this is odd, but sometimes Jesus will give us pictures for people like this because he wants to demonstrate His love.” Bryant said his back was about a level 10 pain, so Mark, Sean, and I prayed for him. I asked, “What are you feeling on your back?” 

“It still hurts,” he said. 

 “OK, do you mind if we pray again?” He said that was fine, so we prayed again. After a short time, I said, “Tell me what your pain is now.” 

“It still hurts.” 

“OK,” I said. “Well can we pray again? It's your lower back, right?”

“Yes, that’s where the pain is concentrated.”

“Do you mind just sitting down for a moment? If you sit in a chair, we could just see if one of your legs is shorter than the other.” So he invited us into his apartment, sat in a chair, and sure enough, one of his legs was shorter. As we prayed for him again, I asked him, “Do you feel anything in your legs?”

“No,” he laughed, “just you holding my feet.”

 Then Mark asked, “Do you feel any difference anywhere?” 

“Yeah, it's better.”

 “What do you mean, it's better?”

 “The pain is better,” he said. So we asked him on a scale from 1 to 10 being the worst what the pain is now. “It is about a five.” We asked if we could continue to pray, and he said sure. Sean, Mark, and I prayed again, and he said, “Now it is about a one, but I'm still in pain.” Again, we prayed. 

We must have prayed five or six times for this guy. The last time I prayed for him, he said his back was at a zero. I asked him how long he had been in pain. “For a long, long time,” he remarked. He was surprised, trying to figure out what had just happened. One moment he was in pain level 10, and now there was no pain. He was befuddled.

I said, “Bryant this was the love of Jesus for you. He's come near you because He loves you. He took your pain away because He loves you.” We could tell he was having a hard time processing this whole thing, so I said, “You’ve been in pain for so long you're trying to figure out how this pain left, right?” He nodded in agreement. “This is just Jesus making himself real to you because He loves you.” 

Then we prayed a blessing over him and his house. We asked if we could come back in a couple days to check on him. Then Mark asked if he knew anyone else in the apartment complex who was dealing with any pain and could use some prayer. Bryant said, “Yes, across the breezeway there's a gentleman. I don't know his name, but I see him often, and I think he deals with a lot of pain.” 

So Mark, Sean, and I headed over to knock on this guy’s door. A man answered, and Mark began explain to the man what had happened to his neighbor and that his neighbor said that we should come and pray for him. The man’s name was Jason. Jason was really open and very sweet. He said he had major pain in his shoulder for over year and could hardly sleep because the pain was so bad. Mark asked if we could pray for him. I asked Jason to show us how far he could move the shoulder. He could only move it a slight bit up before it began to hurt. He said his pain was a level 10. 

Mark, Sean, and I began to pray for him. We must have prayed for him five times as we watched this man’s shoulder pain gradually decline. Eventually, he regained almost full motion back to his shoulder. It was so sweet watching him twist and move the shoulder where he hadn’t able to do so in a year. We explained to him that this was the love of Jesus, that Jesus has come near him because He loves him so much. Jason was just trying out his shoulder, saying, “I couldn't do this before! There’s hardly any pain left! I couldn't do this before!” He moved his shoulder back, in front, up and down, and all around. Mark asked if we could come back in a couple days to check in on him, and Jason said yes. 

We just simply took an hour out of our day to go and put Jesus on display with love and power.