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Taking Love and Power to the Streets

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Faith Is Spelled R-I-S-K Our challenge is to take risks for the sake of the kingdom.

Ministry always involves taking a risk. Risk always involves wrestling with doubt and the danger of appearing foolish. It is risky to approach a stranger and share an impression we have for him. It is risky to pray for the sick, whether it’s praying healing for a mild headache or for blindness. We risk being wrong. We risk looking like idiots. We risk being chastised or challenged for our beliefs. However, there is also the possibility that if we take the risk someone could come away changed forever by the power of Jesus Christ. Through the years, we have gained a lot of experience in praying for the sick and doing power evangelism on the streets. One thing we have learned is that it never gets easy. It never stops feeling awkward. We never stop questioning whether the impressions we think we get are correct or not. We never stop having butterflies in our stomachs. We never stop wondering if we are going to be rejected. Sometimes the fears are easy to push aside, and sometimes they are not. We have learned to put our game faces on while, on the inside, we are screaming, “O God, o God! Help!” We may have become better at pressing past these thoughts and fears, but they are always present, lingering in the recesses of our minds.

Brian Blount (Taken From From The Sanctuary To The Streets)

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