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FedEx lady gets healed over the phone!

FedEx lady gets healed over the phone!

Last night, I was talking on the phone to my friend Greg Roberson, who works as a security guard. After being on the phone for a minute or two, I heard a lady talking to Greg. As they were talking, I had an inner sense that there was something wrong with her neck. Then I saw a picture of the woman in my mind. I tried to find a lull in the conversation so I could tell Greg what I sensed so he could ask the lady. I could hear just enough to realize the conversation was over and she was walking away. I thought, darn, I should have just interrupted him. When Greg got back on the phone, I asked if the lady he was talking too looked like this: then I described what I had seen. "She sure did. Why?"

I said, "She has neck problem."
"OK, hold on," he tells me. Then he starts yelling at the lady from his guard station to grab her attention. She heard him and turned back.
Greg asked her, "Are you having neck pain or problems with your neck?"
She looked at him with a strange look and blustered out, "Yes. My neck is in excruciating pain! Why would you ask me about that?"
"I was talking to a buddy on the phone, and he described the way you looked. He said she has condition in her neck and is in pain."
"Really?" she asked with a perplexed look.
"Can I pray for you?"
"Yes! Please do. I'm in terrible pain. I can't even move my neck." She began to show Greg the way she has to move in order to see something. Greg said she literally has to move her whole body.
Greg began to pray as he held the phone up to his ear. After a few seconds, I hear things from the Lord to pray for her. I shared them with Greg, and he prayed them.
After a minute, I told Greg to ask her what she was feeling. While the pain level had been at a 9 or 10 before prayer, she said it had moved to a 4 level. "But look!" she said. "I can turn my head all the way back and forth, and I couldn't do that!" She was filled with bewildered amazement.
Greg asked if he could pray again. "Sure! Please do."
The Lord started giving me more information for her, which Greg shared.
"I feel so relaxed, and I can turn my head." She had full motion in her neck with only a slight tinge of soreness. She hugged Greg as she said, "It feels so much better. Thank you!"
Afterward, Greg told me she was a special delivery driver from FedEx and that she drove straight from Canada to drop off a special delivery. This was Greg's last night working at the company because he, his wife, and his kiddos are moving to OKC for another job. It was such a divine setup. Greg had tried to get ahold of me earlier in the evening. I hadn't returned his calls at that time because I was really fighting deep depression about Tyler. I was stressed to the max, on overload, numb by my own pain, and questioning. Then I felt a little nudge to call Greg. I was wondering to myself why I was calling him. I needed my sleep. I really didn't want to talk to anyone. But when I called, the lady walked up to Greg within a

couple minutes. Even when I was depressed and struggling with my own son's serious illness, God sent a lady from Canada to Ada, OK, where my friend was working his very last shift and talking to me in Oklahoma City.
The kingdom of God is truly at hand, even when you're despairing, depressed, and wondering why you're doing what you're doing. God is always at work, and our job is to just join him by listening for his voice and responding to his activity to set people free.