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Fireworks, healing the sick, and hanging out with family and friends!

Fireworks, healing the sick, and hanging out with family and friends
Thanks to the Boyers for inviting us out for the 4th. We grilled and ate great food (while I stuck to my diet), swam in the pool, and enjoyed hanging out for two days! The McMahons were there also. It was a little unusual being the family with the fewest number of kids. We all had a blast.
As we were walking out from the fireworks stand - with an arsenal of fireworks - Mike was talking with a lady in a car. I thought Mike knew her, so I walked over to them and could tell Mike was helping her with directions. As I approached the car, I felt she had a pain in her neck and down into her upper back. I said hello, and then I asked her if she was experiencing pain in her neck and upper back. She looked at me with a surprised look and said asked me why I asked her that. I said, "I get pictures and impressions for people. It's a gift from Jesus. I'm a Christian." "Yes," she said. "I started having this pain in my neck and upper back today."

"Let me see your hand," I said as I placed my hand on hers. "Thank you, Father, for healing power." As I prayed, I told her, "You're going to feel a tingling warm sensation."
She immediately said, "I feel it on the top of my head!" She was shocked.

I told her, "You didn't just stop for directions. God had more in mind."

She was a bit taken back and said, "Thank you, Jesus. That is so interesting that you knew about the pain in my body." I asked how she felt. She said, "Much better. Just a little bit in my back."
"It's right here, isn't it," I said as I pointed to a location on her back. She said it was and let me pray again. "You're going to feel a warming heat now."

"I do, and the pain has left." She was so thankful and shocked.
We drove off, went back to the Boyers' house, and popped a ton of fireworks. It was so amazing watching Tyler swim and play. I smiled as Tyler fired off a bazooka-like giant Roman candle with 210 shots. We had a great weekend hanging out with the Boyers and the McMahons. So love those families. Thanks again to the Boyers to opening your home to us.

No better day to heal the sick than when we are celebrating independence! Remember our job is to put Jesus on display no matter what day it is.