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Gods pursuit...a divine encounter...

Crazy story! Last year when I was in Stendal, I ran into a girl that was too busy to talk because she was on her way to a movie. Fast forward to a year later, Amberyln and I along with two students run into two girls today. We prayed for them, and they felt the presence of the Holy Spirit through a power encounter and it got their attention. They felt power and warmth come over them. 

One of the girls said, "I need to tell my cousin about you." She asked for a card to the Vineyard, and they showed up to talk with me. Guess who her cousin was! The girl last year that didn't have time to talk to me. She wanted to experience what her cousin experienced when we prayed for her. 

We shared the gospel with her along with her cousin and friend. I asked if their friend would like prayer. She said, "Yes, but I don't believe in anything."

"No problem," I said. "Let me just pray for you." She was shocked as she began to feel warmth and electricity going through her body. 

Then Ryan said she has back pain and her right leg was shorter then the other. Sure enough, she had back pain and her right leg was shorter. So we had the other girls gather around to watch as Amberlyn prayed, and the girl who didn't believe in anything feels her leg grow out! She was shocked as well as the other girls. Then the girls said she had the same issue of back pain and a shorter leg. We had Amberlyn pray for their legs to grow out. They were in shock to feel their legs grow out. 

We shared the gospel with them. Two of the girls said, "We want to accept Jesus, but we grew up in another religion. Can we please think it through and come back tomorrow to pray?"