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Have you ever had one of those bad hair days and nothing you seemed to do would fix it?

Have you ever had one of those bad hair days and nothing you seemed to do would fix it? It happened to be one of those days. In fact, my hair was so bad I looked in the mirror, and all I could see were those late-night commercials flashing through my head: “Ch-ch-ch-chia pet.” So I threw on a hat and headed to my favorite place to get my hair cut only to find out that the lady who usually cuts my hair wasn’t in, and there wouldn’t be anyone else to cut my hair for a couple of hours. I was incredibly frustrated. So, because the need was dire, I went to SuperCuts. I walked in and saw three ladies cutting hair. I was thinking to myself, I would like that lady, or that lady, but I don’t want her touching my hair. I was judging that lady by her appearance. Of course, it was that lady who called my name to cut my hair.

As I was sitting in the chair, I started seeing a picture in my mind of a stomach and an ulcer. I felt like the Lord was saying the lady has an ulcer in her stomach and Jesus wanted to touch her. I had a choice: Am I going to share this word with the lady, or am I going to hold it and never see if it is the Lord? Then I had to decide when I would share the word. Should I go ahead and do it now? Should I wait until she’s done cutting my hair? What about the awkward silence if I’m wrong? What if I’m right? Would she become totally undone and mess up my hair?

 I waited till she was almost done and said, “Excuse me, ma’am, but sometimes I get pictures and impressions for people. Do you mind if I share what I got with you?” She gave me a what kind of a weirdo are you! look. I explained to her, “I saw a stomach with an ulcer. By any chance do you have an ulcer in your stomach?”

She began to weep and cry, “How did you know? This is weird! I have goose bumps all over! How did you know this?”

I said to her, “I didn’t know this, but Jesus did, and He wants to encounter you with His love. Do you mind if I pray for you after you finish with my hair? I believe Jesus wants to heal you.” I asked her where she wanted me to pray for her, and she directed me to the back room.

I told her I was just going to pray and ask Jesus to touch her, and I asked if that was OK. She said yes. As I began to pray for her, she began to shake all over. I don’t know if that’s something that normally happens in SuperCuts or not, but it was what was happening that day. I asked her what she was feeling, and she said she was hot all over her body. I explained that what she was feeling was the presence of God coming to touch her body.

Suddenly, I felt an electrical shock run through my body, and I did a weird, involuntary jerking gesture. I apologized: “I’m sorry—I don’t understand that. Sometimes that happens to me when the power of God is present.”

She seemed a little nervous, so I asked her to put her hand on her own stomach. I said, “Holy Spirit, come,” and the Lord began touching her even more. She was shouting, “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I feel this heat and tingling rushing into my stomach!” “I guess Jesus has come to touch you today. I should probably get my ticket and go now.” And that’s how I left it. Jesus came and wanted to encounter this lady. I was in an attitude of frustration and judgment, but in that moment I heard the voice of God break in on behalf of that lady.

God empowers us at the point of someone else’s need. This means that we must intentionally move toward ministry opportunities where we are totally in over our heads. Rather than hiding from the sick and the lost, we are to move toward them with the confidence that the kingdom of God is at hand. God loves them, He is active in their lives, and the Holy Spirit will empower us with what He wants us to minister in the moment of need. We don’t have to look far and wide for people to minister to. God is involved in the lives of everyone around us. We simply partner with what God is doing “as we go.”

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