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Healing and moving pods

I just got off the phone with a customer care agent for renting a moving pod. We are moving, which is a whole other God story that I will share later. As we were finishing up the call I said to Aliqua, “Can I ask you an interesting question?” She said sure, then I asked her if she had two specific conditions in her body. She said she had both of those conditions.

 “Well,” I explained, “I'm a Christian, and sometimes the Lord speaks to me about issues in people's lives or pain in their bodies because he loves them and wants them healed. Do you mind if pray for you?”

“Please do,” she said.

I asked on a scale from 1 to 10 what her pain level was, and she said a 6. I prayed a simple prayer of command and told her she would feel a warmth or tingling. Then I asked her to try moving her body around to see where the pain was.

Aliqua giggled and said, “The pain has gone down,” with a shocked and excited tone. So I asked her again if I could pray one more time for all the pain go. She said, “Yes!”

Her pain had dropped from a 6 to a 4. “If it could go from a 6 to a 4, it can go from a 4 to a zero,” I explained. I prayed another quick prayer of command, telling the pain to go. I told her that she would experience the love of Jesus. Then I asked her to check for the pain again.

She began to giggle more, saying, “All the pain is gone,” again awed excitement.

“Aliqua, this is the love of Jesus for you.”

 “Oh yes!” she exclaimed and kept thanking me for praying for her. I asked what she felt, and she said, “I didn't feel the tingling, but I felt a warmth come over me. Then when I moved my body around, there was a popping, and all the pain was gone.” I asked how long she had the pain. “For months,” she explained, “and now it’s gone!”

Come on Jesus! Remember the kingdom of God is always at hand, and our job as believers is to simply look, listen, and respond to what the Holy Spirit is doing and put Jesus on display as you go about your day with love and power.