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Healing at Dollar General!

I was rushing into Dollar General to find an iPhone charger cord for the car because my phone was about to die. As I ran in, I asked Dolly, the clerk, if they had any iPhone 5 cords. She said no, so I turned to head out the door when all of sudden my right elbow started to hurt really bad. So it got my attention. I turned to Dolly and said, "Are you having pain in your elbow?"

Dolly looked at me with a strange look and said, "Why do you ask?" I told her sometimes I get impressions for people that need healing in their body. Dolly said, "Yes, in my right elbow." I asked if I could pray for her and Dolly said yes.

I prayed twice she felt a warm feeling come over her and the pain left! (Check out Dolly's healing testimony. I had just enough battery life the film her testimony.) 

Remember, the kingdom of God is at hand, even when you're in a rush. Our job is to simply, look, listen and respond as we go about our day and put Jesus on display.