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Healing at McDonald's!

Healing at McDonald's
The Lord gave me a word of knowledge for the cashier lady about a joint and lower back issue. I asked her about that, and she said it was correct. I asked her on scale of 1 to 10 what her pain level was, and she said a ten and a half. I asked Christina if I could hold her hand. She reached out to me and I grabbed her hand. I prayed a quick prayer telling the pain to go. Then I said, "You should be feeling a sensation in your back right now. It's a cooling sensation traveling down your spine."
She looked up at me with a wide-eyed look, and she said, "I feel a vibration going down my back. You're freaking me out!"
"What's the pain level now?" She said it was a two, so I prayed again, spoke to the pain, and then told her to move her back around. She did and said with a smile that all the pain left. With an amazed look, she said, "You're going to make me cry. Thank you." I told her this was the love of Jesus coming towards her. She smiled and was holding back tears as she said, "Just go get your drink or I'm going to cry."
On the way out I walked by her. She smiled, said there was still no pain, and gave me a high five.
The kingdom of God is at hand even at McDonald on your way to see the Hover Dam, then drive through Las Vas, then to our destination for the week--Anaheim, California--for the Vineyard National Conference.