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Healing at Moe's!

I so loved the response of Glenda, the lady working the burrito bar at Moe's, as I got a word of knowledge about two conditions going on in her body. Her eyes got really big, and she said, "How do you know that?" 

"I get pictures and impressions for people. I'm a Christian, and Jesus speaks to me sometimes about conditions in people's bodies." She was blown away. I asked her where the pain was on a level of 1 to 10, and she said about 5. I asked her if she wanted the pain to go away, and she said yes she would. 

I asked if I could see her hand. She took her glove off and I put my hand on hers like we were giving a high 5. Then I prayed, "Come Holy Spirit. Pain go." Then I told her she would feel a warm tingling presence come over her body. 

Glenda began to freak out as she felt the presence of the Lord come upon her. She kept saying, "You're going to make me cry. This is so amazing," as she shouted at her other co-workers what she was experiencing. 

I asked her to move her body around and check to see where the pain was. It was completely gone. "What did you just do to me," she asked. 

"This is the love of Jesus coming towards you."

"You're making my cry. I can't wait to tell my husband about this."

While this was happening, Phil was paying for our lunch, and the lady behind the cash register told Phil, I wasn't prayer too!" 

So Phil said, "I can pray for you. What do you need?"

"My back is in so much pain," she said. Phil prayed and the pain significantly went down. 

Then as we were eating, I saw a lady walk by with a wrist brace on and asked her why she was wearing it. She told us she had carpal tunnel and was in pain, so we prayed the pain left. She felt a tingling sensation come into her hand as she stared wide-eyed. Then a lady who was with her came over to our table. he sat down with us, and Phil and I prayed and prophesied over her. 

It was fun just going about our day eating lunch and putting Jesus on display.