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Healing at Starbucks...

Healing at Starbucks - full story. I was hanging out today with some good friends, Scott, Rishi, and Jared. We were sitting around drinking a refreshing Starbucks beverage, talking about Jesus, and planning an upcoming conference in November (more details on that later). 

A man walked in and asked if we had a charger for his cell phone, which we didn't have. I jokingly said to the guys, "It's really kind of sad that we don't have any power to give him." We all laughed. 

A few minutes later the man walked back in, and Rishi felt like he had a couple impressions for healing for the man. Rishi asked him if he had those specific conditions. 

"No. Why do you ask?" the man replied. 

"Well, do you have pain anywhere in your body? Because I'm a follow of Jesus and I pray for people."

"Yeah, I have pain in my neck."

Rishi asked, "On a scale of 1 to 10, what's your pain level?" He replied it was about a four. Rishi jumped up and began to pray for the guys neck. "Pain, go now." Then he instructed the man to move his neck. 

The man's eyes got big as he moved his neck. "The pain is gone. Thank you so much." He was a little dumbedfounded this happened right in front of the door in starbucks. 

What I loved about Rishi praying for this guy was it seemed like failure on one hand, because he missed both words of knowledge. It didn't even phase him. He had one goal: to demonstrate the love and power of God to this man. So he kept going for it, and then the man was healed. 

We continued hanging out and talking, when a little later a lady walked in. I felt as though there was something wrong with her wrists and and knees. She sat down on the other side of Starbucks and I could see she was looking for a power outlet. "Do you need power?," I asked with a wink to the guys. "Here is a power outlet right by us." 

She brought over her laptop and sat a couple tables away from us. As she got situated, I asked, "Do you have pain in your wrist and knees?" She said she did and asked why I wanted to know. I told her that sometimes I get pictures and impressions from God for people. "I'm a follower of Jesus. Could I pray for your healing?" She said yes, so I instructed her to stay in her seat and put her hands on her knees while I stayed where I was seated s couple tables away. I asked her what her pain level was on a scale from 1 to 10, and she said 5 and she would definitely know if the pain left. 

I said a very churchy, long, powerful, theological prayer: "Pain, go now." I asked her if there was any difference, so she stood up to check it. 

A little shocked, she said the pain had totally left one knee, and there was still a little pain in the other knee. It was now at a level 2. I smiled and said, "Sorry, I'm not very good at this. If the pain could totally leave one knee and then go from a 5 to 2 on the other, don't you think it could go from a 2 to no pain?"

"Maybe." We prayed again, and the pain totally went away. She smiled and said, "Thank you so much. Wow!! Do you heal other things as well?" We went on to talk with her about some personal stuff going on in her life, prayed for her, and she was so touched and thankful. 

Before she left I asked how her knees were. "Just fine," she said with a smile. "You're going to put a lot of chiropractors out of business if you keep this stuff up." 

I just smiled and said, "Jesus just loves to heal and touch people." I then asked if she would like to share her testimony on video, and she was more than happy to! Come on Jesus!

Remember the kingdom of God is always at hand, even when you're hanging out with friends at a local Starbucks. Our job is just to look, listen, and resound to his mission. Matthew 10:7-8. This is normal Christian living for every believer.