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Healing at the dollar movies!

Healing at the dollar movies!

After church today, Jeanine and I took the kids out to eat and we decided to go to the dollar movies at Northpark Mall to see Men in Black III. As we arrived at the theater, I had a sense that God wanted to heal someone. The sermon from church this morning had been about the “crazy ones” who are bold enough to believe God and that He can change the world through them. That message was resonating with me, and I carried a sense of anticipation that God was up to something good.

After the movie was out and my kids were taking turns going to the restroom, I saw a lady walking with a crutch. When I saw that crutch, I had an overwhelming desire to go get it and free her from it. I introduced myself and asked if I could pray for her to be healed. Immediately, she started weeping, overwhelmed that I had noticed her and wanted to pray. Her name was Regina, and she explained that she used the crutch because she suffered from severe nerve damage in her feet which caused her tremendous pain all the time. She had considered coming to the movies today in her wheelchair but had opted to try out the crutch instead. She has been restricted to either a wheelchair or use of a crutch for a year now. I said, “Let’s get you healed.” 

I spent the next 20 to 30 minutes with her, praying, and physically walking the healing out. We walked back and forth through the movie theater and then up and down the corridors of the mall. All during this time, she was sharing with me her fears and how Jesus had been ministering to her in her pain. She was terrified of the pain returning. I reminded her of Peter walking on the water. We aren’t to worry about the waves around us, rather we are to simply place our eyes on Jesus. As we continued to walk and talk, oblivious to the people walking by us and staring, her pain lessened more and more. Eventually, she was totally free from pain and walked normally without her crutch.

The awesome part was seeing my kids jump in and pray. Annalisa even shared a prophetic picture she had for Regina. Regina was so touched that she wept. She took off the cross necklace she was wearing and gave it to Annalisa, and she also gave me her crutch because she didn’t need it anymore. She wanted a picture of our family with the crutch, so she took our picture and we sent it to her. She continued to thank Jesus and thank us over and over as she cried with joy.

Remember the kingdom of God is at hand no matter what – even at the theater with your kids. Our job is simply to look, listen, and respond.