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Healing at the Mall on vacation...

Jeanine and I were at the mall in Harrisburg. We stopped in to Best Buy to pick up an audio cable for our car. When the man helping us bent down to get the cable, he winced and I could tell his back was hurting him. I asked him about his back, and he said he hurt it last night while doing some camera work. I asked him how bad it was on a scale from one to ten, and he said it was a nine. 

"Let me see your hand," I said as I reached out toward him. He took my hand as I looked him straight in the eye and said, "Jesus,  I command all the pain to leave his back right now." I told him he would feel a warm tingling presence enter his back. I asked him to check out his back. 

He just stared at me, and after a pause he said, "What the heck! That is weird!" He just looked stunned. 

"What happened?"

"It's gone," he said with shock. "That's so weird!" I told him that this was Jesus' love for him. He was completely stunned. 

Remember the kingdom of God is at hand even when you're shopping at a mall on vacation. Our job is simply to look listen and respond.