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Healing at Walmart!

Healing at Walmart!
An inconvenience at Walmart and a missed word of knowledge led to a kingdom encounter with a lady's back being healed after years of pain!
Here's what happened. You also have to check out the video testimony at the end....
Jeanine, Tyler, and I went to Walmart today. Yes, Tyler went out on one of his first outings to Walmart in a very long time. It was a little hard to get him to go, but he went. (Jeanine will be posting another facebook update soon on Tyler.)

He just had two small vocal yelling tics the whole time we were there. This was a huge breakthrough. The rest of the time, he was playing on a scooter while Jeanine and I waited 30 minutes for someone to help us with purchasing two bikes. We found out why we waited so long. I saw a lady near us. She was also waiting for help from an employee, and her guy never came either. I thought I had a word of knowledge for her, so I asked her about it. Well, I missed it. I've learned that even though you might miss on a word of knowledge doesn't mean game over; it just might turn into a home run of God's love. But you must step up and swing the bat again. We never get to escape risk. So here is how you miss a word of knowledge gracefully: you just say "Well, I guess I missed that! Is there any pain anywhere in your body that you need prayer for?"

"Oh yes," she said. "My lower back is all messed up. It has hurt me for years." Me missing it didn't even phase her. I asked her if I could hold her hand, and she said sure. I just invited God's presence and told the pain to leave. She felt the presence of a good God come upon her, and the pain began to leave.

I continued praying and inviting the Holy Spirit to come on her. She told me she felt a heat come over her body and the heat felt like it was bouncing all across her back. "It took everything I had just to stay standing up," she explained. All the pain left.

We talked for a while, and she said, "I was amazed that somebody would come up to me and pray for me in a public place."Then she added, "I was also feeling really down, and when the pain left, all the heaviness left. I feel so uplifted and encouraged. Now I know God is in control." She later told me, "I hate going to Walmart. I only came because my husband asked me to come get these items. Now I'm so glad I decided to come here today."

Remember the kingdom of God is always at hand no matter what, even when you are inconvenienced and you miss it on a word of knowledge. Your inconvenience might just be an open door for someone to encounter the love and power of a good God.

Check out her testimony!