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Healing's break out at McDonalds Drive-thru!!!

Jeanine and I were picking up lunch for our son Tyler at McDonalds. When I pulled up to pay I felt the Holy Spirit gave me a word of knowledge for the cashier. I asked her, “Do you happen to have a problem with your left knee?”  

She stared at me in shock.”How do you know that?”

“Sometimes I get pictures and impressions for people. As soon as I pulled up, my left knee started hurting. How bad is your pain on a scale form one to ten?”

“Oh a nine!” 

I asked her her name, to which she replied, “Christian.”

“Christian, let me see your hand. Watch the pain is going to leave right now. Jesus, I command all the pain to leave in this knee. Christian, you’re going to feel a warm tingling presence come over your knee. Now try moving it.”

She moved it and looked right at me. “Oh my God, how did you do that! As soon as you said I would feel that, I did. Are you a pastor?”

“Yes, I am.”

“What church are you at?”

“Crestwood Vineyard on 16th and Villa.”

“I’m going to that church!” I realized I didn’t have a business card on me, so Jeanine starting writing out our information while Christian turned to a co-worker and said, “Oh my God! This guy just prayed for me and all the pain left!”

The next thing I knew, the other woman was in the window with a desperate look in her face. I asked, “Do you need healing for anything?”

“Yes, my hand really hurts.”

By this time, the cars in front of us had moved on and more cars were piling up behind us, but these ladies didn’t seem to mind. I gently touched her hand and said, “Watch this! In Jesus’ name I command all your pain to go. You’re going to feel a warm tingling in your hand. Now move your hand.”

She moved it and simply stared at her hand in awe. I asked, “Is the pain gone?”

All she could do was nod yes. She was dumbfounded and shocked.

“This is the love of Jesus for you,” I explained.

They took the paper from Jeanine with the church’s info while I drove off and they kept thanking me.

Remember the kingdom of God is at hand, even when you’re picking up food for your kid. Our job is just to look, listen, and respond and put Jesus on display with power.