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Here are just a few highlights of healing testimonies and encounters we saw on Monday night ...

Here are just a few highlights of healing testimonies and encounters we saw on Monday night outreach at the bingo hall next to Frontline South campus. Again, let me say we had a great team. Our team was made up moms, dads, college students, even a 12 year old, and a Swiss girl! They were business owners, hard workers, just ordinary people who worked long, hard hours that day and then gave up 3 hours of their evening to love and serve others and advance the kingdom of God! Another great thing about our team was, not only was it a mix of ages and all from different backgrounds, but they were also from different churches. Some were from Frontline South , Frontline Downtown, Antioch Norman, and Norman Community Church. I love when the church comes together to be the church and helps sow into an area they may not be planted in but have eyes to see that we are all in this together in our mission to advance His Kingdom. 

Here are just a few testimonies...

We had just gotten our table with coffee and water set out when a couple walked by. We felt as though one of them had an issue in the back and shared that with them. The lady responded, "It's me. I have a lot of pain in my back and knees." We asked if we could pray for her. She welcomed our prayer, and she said her pain level was pretty high. On a scale of 1 to 10, it was about an 8. She said the pain would come and go in intensity over the last year. As we prayed for her, the presence of the Holy Spirit came upon this sweet lady, and the pain started to leave her body. As it did, she got super happy and was filed with joy. She started laughing and then started speaking in tongues and the Holy Spirit began to fill her. She started dancing around, overjoyed at the goodness of God! I love when the Holy Spirit comes and the kingdom of God breaks in. It was amazing. (I posted her video testimony in an earlier post. You'll have to check it out.)

One man we met had COPD. He was on oxygen and breathing super hard. He told us he was in a lot of pain -about 10 level - with lots of constriction in his chest. After we prayed for him, all the pain and constriction left and he stared breathing more normally. He told us he felt a peace and warmth come over his body. We can't be sure if a full healing happened, but the pain left, and the kept telling us he felt so much peace as he was smiling and grateful to be without pain. 

Also, as we were praying for this sweet man, one of the team asked his wife if she needed prayer. As they gently placed their hands on her shoulder, the woman said, "You already did." The team was a little shocked by the comment and asked what she meant. The lady replied, "I had these bad itchy eyes, and I have to use a special medicine for it when it flares up. As soon as you put your hands on me and asked if I wanted prayer, the itchy pain left." 

Another encounter involved a man who had severe back pain, around a 10 level pain he said, and he couldn't bend or move his back without pain. After the team prayed for him, all the pain left and he was bending down, touching his toes with no pain.

We also prayed for a lady with arthritis in her back and knees who was in about a 6 level pain and couldn't bend her knees without pain. She told us the pain left after we prayed for her about three times.

A woman with pain in the heels of her feet let us pray for her. She told us the pain would come and go, but when it did come it was painful. She told us it was around a 5 level of pain. We prayed a couple of times for her and the pain left. She felt peace and joy all over her and the pain was gone. 

One of the team members walked past a guy and told him about the pain in his back. What was great was the team member had shared 3 words with 3 different people who either told him that stuff is too bizarre or that he missed it. But instead of focusing on the disappointment, he kept pressing into the Father's heart. And what happened next was "mind-blowing". (That is what the young man kept saying after my friend told him about the issue in his back, along with a few expletives that start with the letter "F".) He couldn't believe what was happening. He asked my friend, "Are you like a psychic or something?" He said no, just a follower of Jesus, and that sometimes God speaks to him like this because Jesus wants heal and make known his love. The young man said, "I can't believe this. I was in so much pain today that that I woke up in tears. Man, I'm just mind-blown by what's happening." Long story short, the team member prayed for him and the pain left. Then others in the team began to share prophetic words about his life. It was a sweet, divine encounter. We will share his video testimony as well as the longer version in the next couple of days .

We also prayed for others that saw little to no improvement or we missed it on words of knowledge. And there were others that were either just to busy or maybe even a little freaked out to let us pray. But several were healed from there pain and felt the presence and love of God. 

Our model on Mondays is super simple. We seek to love and serve people in a very practical way by simply asking if we can serve them by praying for their physical, spiritual or emotional needs. We offer them a bottle of water or cup of coffee and strike up a conversation with them. Then we invite them into community. Again, it's funny that most people opted out of the coffee and water but took us up on prayer. People are thirsty for an encounter. They're just waiting for someone to offer them a drink. 

Remember the kingdom of God is at hand all the time no matter what or where, and our job is to simply join him in loving and serving people. It's not about being gifted or being an evangelist. It's about being available. He will give you the ability as you step out to love and serve others.