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Here is just a little update from Germany...

Here is just a little update. We've been going from sun up to sun down so I haven't had anytime to really post. I so love the heart and hunger of the leaders, youth and people of Vineyard Stendal. We've had some powerful teachings by Reinhard. He laid a great foundation for healing and Kingdom ministry. I wasn't so bad myself ; ) ...We seen some powerful healing's, deliverances and encounters with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Erich has been doing a amazing job of leading, and teaching. The Speyer Vineyard students are so heartfelt, full of love and have great servant hearts and are bold on the streets. Mark & Kelly have been doing an amazing job of connecting, equipping and ministering in and out side the church. Mark has really had a connection with the's been awesome to watch him minister to the youth. These youth are some of the hungriest youth I've seen in along time. They are so bold, full of love and ready to put Jesus on display. Kelly has been moving in some very crazy accurate prophetic words and doing an excellent job of teaching and leading teams on the streets. Kelly and Mark have been such a huge blessing. I so love these guys and I'm so proud of them. They have displayed such servant hearts, and they are amazing equippers. I so love doing team ministry it's a major value of mine. We have some powerful tangible displays of the presence of God on the streets and in the meetings. I can't wait to share some of those Kingdom Encounters.