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Here’s an update on a lady we prayed for two weeks ago on outreach.

Here’s an update on a lady we prayed for two weeks ago on outreach. Last Tuesday, I saw her walking toward the bingo hall to pick up her mom. I yelled out her name. (I’ll leave her name out of this post just to protect her anonymity.)
She smiled from ear to ear and said, “I can't believe you remembered my name! I have been telling everyone what happened as you and your team prayed for me the week before. I couldn't believe it! You guys were spot on. You were telling me about my life and things you couldn't have known. There is no more pain in my neck and shoulders. I have had pain for weeks, and the word you had about my right ankle being in pain is healed! I had surgery on it 2 years ago, and it's been in pain ever since. It hurt all the time, and I couldn't bend or flex my foot. All the pain is gone, and I can bend and flex it now.”
She then went on to tell me that Anna, who was apart of our outreach team, had pulled her aside and asked her about a female condition. “I have had pain there for years, and it is gone now!” She was beaming, and she said, “I couldn't believe
it!” She then went on to tell me what was even more amazing was she didn't think God even heard her prayers or noticed her. “I felt like God didn't hear me. I was struggling that day. I was also struggling physically with my Diabetes. It was so bad my eyesight was so blurry that I couldn't see well, and it was scaring me. I haven’t had any issues with that either since you guys prayed for me two weeks ago. I know now that Jesus sees me and hears me!!!” A look of excitement was on her face, and the tone in her voice was priceless. “Jesus hears and sees me and there no more pain!”