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How to deal with a bill collector.

How to deal with a bill collector.
Got a courtesy call to make a payment on our Kohls card. As I was wrapping up the payment. I said, "Maisha, are you having an issue in your neck? It's really stiff and has been in pain for sometime, and it's hard to move, right?"

"Yes!" she said surprisingly.

"I don't want to alarm you, but I get pictures and impressions for people. I'm a Christian. Could I pray for you?" Maisha said yes! I asked what her pain level was if she had to rate it on a scale from 1 to 10. She said a 7. So I spoke to the pain and I told Maisha that she was going to feel this warm like electrical current go through her body, and all the pain was going to leave. Then I heard Maisha started nervously giggling, then a surprised "Oh my gosh."

I asked, "What are you experiencing?" She described that she felt a warm current all through her body. I asked where the pain was, and she said, "It's totally gone!!!" I told her this was the expression of Jesus love towards her. She kept saying oh thank you sir you made my day.

Remember the kingdom of God is at hand no matter what, when, or where, even when you're on the phone with a bill collector. ; )