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I just saw two healings!

I just saw two healings! One was with a lady at the Buy4Less grocery store. I had an impression about back pain, so I asked a lady if she had back pain. She said no, but her sister, who was right behind her did. She has been in major back pain every day since October, due to a work accident. I asked her what her pain level was on a scale from 1 to 10, and she said it's been a 10 everyday since the accident.

I asked if I could pray and they both said, "But we are Jehovah's Witnesses." "That's OK!" I said. "Jesus loves Jehovah's Witnesses!"
As I prayed, her body jolted a bit. She looked at me and said, "Wow!"
I asked what the pain level was, and she said a five, so I prayed again. This time she said, "The pain is totally gone!" She started moving her body around. She was smiling in amazement. I told her this healing was the love of God, that Jesus had come near her and loved her.

The other lady was an employee at Dollar General. I asked her where the restroom was. After I came out of the restroom, the arch of my right foot started hurting, so I found the lady that worked there and said, "Hey, are you having pain in the arch of your foot as well as having back pains?"

She looked at me like you're freaking me out. Then she said yes. I told her that I was a follower of Jesus and sometimes he tells me what's going on in people's bodies and life because he wants to display his goodness and love." I said, "Let me see your hand." Then I prayed a quick prayer: "Pain, go."

She told me that the pain in her foot had been there all her life and that she had gone from doctor to doctor and they couldn't find out what was wrong. She said she had back pain for about 5 yrs.
I prayed twice, and she felt tingling and heat come all over her, and the pain left after the second time I prayed!

Remember, The kingdom is at hand out no matter what. Our job is to simply put on display the good news of the kingdom by looking, listening, and responding.