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I love serving and praying for people at the ER.

I love serving and praying for people at the ER.
My friend, Scott, and I prayed for a guy who broke his hand and was in a good amount of pain. I loved his response: "Prayer really does work," as he was moving his hand freely with no pain! We were able to help a nurse calm down a patient. We prayed for her all the way from the lobby into her room in the ER, calming her as we prayed, declaring the love of God over her, and walking with her. She changed from frantic to peaceful as we prayed and walked with her, the nurse, and her family.
We had the opportunity to listen to and pray for others, including a young man who had pain from an assault. We didn't see physical healing, but he definitely experienced emotional healing as we listened to him, loved on him, and expressed the gospel to him.
As we were leaving, we prayed for two ladies. One woman we prayed for was shot and paralyzed from the waist down. Her back was in pain. As we prayed for her, all the pain left, and she started feeling an intense tingling sensation through her legs and feet. She was amazed and kept saying, "Thank you, Jesus!"
Our job is to make ourselves available and put Jesus on display with love and power.