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I think I freaked out our waitress...

I think I freaked out our waitress. Jeanine and I were on a date tonight and the Holy Spirit told me about some conditions in the waitress's body. When I asked if she had those, she said, "Yes, why are you asking?" Without answering her question, I told her to give me her hand, and I prayed for her. Then the next time she came around to check on us I said, "Listen, I know this might have sounded crazy, and I'm not sure what your exposure to church or Christianity has been, but the reason I got that information about what's going on in your body is because Jesus shows me stuff from time to time because he wants to release his love and power." Then I prayed for her again. She thanked us, still kind of shocked and puzzled at the exchange, but also grateful.

Remember, the kingdom of God is at hand, even on a date with your wife. And don't forget to tip really well!