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Intentionally Putting Jesus on Display

Today Doc, Larry, Scott, and I went out to intentionally put Jesus on display. We saw several healings and loved on lots of people.

Here are a couple testimonies that happened. I received a word of knowledge for a waitress. I prayed for her twice, and all her pain left. What was great is she was next to another waitress who I had prayed for 3 weeks ago. That waitress kept smiling at me, saying "still no more pain."

From there we headed to an apartment complex near Crestwood Vineyard to simply offer prayer and invite anyone who would like to come to our Wednesday night free dinner. We connected with several people. One lady that we got to love on and pray for was Dina. She was such a sweet lady. She didn't even live in the apartments -- she was just visiting her sister. She told us that she was in lots of pain and has been for 8yrs due to a condition called spinal stenosis. She has to get injections every so often, and it still doesn't curb the pain. Scott and I prayed for her then asked her to check it out. She said she could move her neck, and there wasn't any crackling and popping like usual, but it was still in a lot of pain. But she was shocked that she could move her neck. I asked if we could pray for her again, and she gladly excepted. After a short prayer, I asked her to try it out again. The pain had dramatically decreased. She was so shocked -- tears began to roll down her face. She said, "I haven't been able to do this," as she moved her body around. She said she felt heat all over body. Then she collapsed into our arms, saying over and over, "Thanks, Jesus!" Scott and I began to bless what the Holy Spirit was doing, and I asked her to do something she couldn't do before. She did and began to weep even more with tears of joy, saying, "There is no more pain!" She kept saying she felt heat all over her body and said this was the first time in 8 years she had been without pain. She just hugged us as she wept and wept. It was such a holy and sweet moment. She just kept weeping and thanking Jesus.

Then tonight, we met up with some CSKM students to do an outreach in the city. We split up in to team with different destinations. I ended up with Jeanine and 2 of our kids who joined us, and we went to a Walmart. While we were shopping, we prayed for 3 Walmart employees. One lady was suffering from sinus, throat, chest, and headache pain. As we prayed for her, all the pain left 100%. She even had pain in her knees and ankle that was healed even though we didn't pray specifically for that.

Then we met the rest of the CSKM students. As we debriefed, we heard that each group had used different approaches and had different ways of praying for people, but everyone had several testimonies of people being touched by God as they prayed for them.

As believers, we get the amazing opportunity to put Jesus on display with love and power!