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Is heaven invading the AT&T customer care line? This the 3rd time this week I've seen heaven invade a customer care service person.

Is heaven invading the AT&T customer care line? This the 3rd time this week I've seen heaven invade a customer care service person. 

I was calling about upgrading for one of my cell phone lines so I could get the new iPhone 6 plus, but they were sold out until January :( Toward the end of my conversation with Erica, I asked her if she was having any pain in her neck and back.

"Yes," she said. "My lower back is in a lot of pain." I had her rate her pain from a scale from 1 to 10, and she said a 7. I told Erica if she would let me pray for her all the pain would leave, and I asked her if that would be okay. "Sure! Whatever it takes to make the pain go away."

I simply prayed, asking the Holy Spirt to come, and I told her she would begin to feel the pain leaving. I asked her what she felt. "It was like warm air blowing on me," she replied. I asked what the pain level was now, and she said a 4. 

I prayed again telling the pain to leave as a sign of Jesus' love toward her. "It's gone!" she exclaimed. I told her to move around make sure. She checked and said, "No more pain!"

"Describe to me what you felt," I asked.

"It's like a warm air blowing on me. Then the pain left." 

"Do you still have the sensation of warm air blowing over you?"


"Have you ever experienced anything like this before? Do you know what that was"

"No," she replied. 

"That was Jesus." I began to to share the gospel with her and that Jesus was wanting a relationship with her. "This is what Christmas is all about." I asked if she wanted a relationship with Jesus. I shared with her that all she needs to do is ask Him into her life. 

She was intrigued about what was going and how the pain had left. I said, "Watch this! Holy Spirit, would you come again?" Then I explained to her, "You are going to experience His presence."

She said she could feel the increase of the warm  air blowing over her body. I told her when she goes home tonight, simply ask Jesus to reveal himself more and that he's pursuing her. "You've got me thinking. I've not thought about that before. I've never experienced anything like this." 

So Is heaven invading the AT&T customer care line? Yes! Heaven is invading wherever you are, because the Holy Spirit is upon you to bring heaven to earth. 

It's really simple for heaven to invade the customer care person at AT&T or wherever you are. All you have to do is just simply ask if you can pray. Let's put the Christ back into Christmas by putting Jesus on display.