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It Felt Like I Was in a Sauna!

It's really about as you go. We have opportunity all the time to simply take a risk of love and put Jesus on display. Last night I got the opportunity to hang out with my friend Mike Boyer. We had great dinner at one of my favorite places in the Plaza. This is the 3rd waitress we got to simply love on with conversation, blessing her with a good tip, and we had the opportunity to pray for her. She so welcomed our prayer. She had been in pain from almost head to toe--lots of aches and pains. We took her hand and invited the love and power of God to come. She said, "Oh my!" with a surprised and grateful look. "It feels like I'm in a sauna. All the pain is gone!" We said, "This is the love of Jesus. We are Christians, and we are just simply trying to follow Jesus and do what He did." She smiled and said, "Thank you. I wish there where more people like you."
There are more people like us! Let's not hide our light. Let's step out in love and power and put Jesus on display as we go about our day.