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It's just as simple as look, listen, and respond!

It's just as simple as look, listen, and respond
During a stop today at Walgreens to get a phone charger, I overheard a conversation between a customer and an employee. The man told the employee that he had been diagnosed with cancer in his eye.
I grabbed the charger, I went to the man, and I said, "Excuse me. I didn't mean to overhear your conversation, but I heard you say that you had cancer in your eyes."
"Yes, I do actually."
"Are you in pain right now?" He said he was, about a four level pain with blurriness in his vision. "The reason I'm asking is because I would love to pray for you. Would that be okay?" He smiled and was very grateful that I would care

enough to pray for him. I told him that as we prayed, he would feel the presence of God on his eye. When I prayed, that is exactly what happened.
I asked him how he felt. "The pain in my eye has totally gone," he said. "But my vision is still blurry."

I asked if I could pray again. I prayed another short prayer commanding the condition to leave. This time all the blurriness cleared up! He was so excited.
I gave him my number and asked him, "Will you please call me and let me know how things are going with your eye? I'd be happy to pray for you again anytime." After I left Walgreens, I went to a local coffee shop for a business meeting. As I was ordering my drink, I sensed that the barista had an issue in her lower back. So I said, "Hey, you have a pain in your back that starts here and goes down this part of your back."
She looked at me a bit wide eyed and said, "How did you know that?"
"Well, I get these pictures and impressions for people. I know that might sound a bit odd."
"No, that's cool," she said with a smile.
"Do you mind if I try to do something to take away that pain?"
"Sure, but I have a couple of orders lined up."
"No worries. You keep working, and I'll just speak to the pain and it's going to go. You're going to feel a warmth over your back." She had mentioned that the pain was at a 6 level on a scale from 1 to 10. I began to pray, "Thank you, Jesus, for your presence," while I smiled. I spoke to the pain to go, and she told me it went down to a 2. She moved around and could feel the heat on her back. I said, "Listen, if it can go from a 6 to 2, it can go all the way." So I spoke to the condition, telling it to go.
She moved around again with a surprised and grateful look. "The pain is gone!" she said. "This is crazy! My church group prayed last night for my back." She had mentioned she had struggled with pain for years, and the pain was gone!
She was smiling, and I just said, "That's the love of Jesus for you. Before I leave, let me know how your back is."
I was there for about an hour, and as I was getting ready to leave she came up to me so excited saying, "Thank you. Thank you so much. There is no more pain!" Then we talked a minute, and I told her we had recently planted a church called Crestwood Vineyard. "No way! Seriously? My roommate has been talking about your church, and she is coming there next week!" What a small world!
Later in the evening I had the honor of going to pray for a dear woman who has been diagnosed with cancer. God's presence showed up in a very sweet and powerful way.
I'm just now getting home after a long day, and I ended my evening with a late fast food dinner with a prophetic word for the drive thru lady. "Oh my gosh! I so needed to hear that today," she said.
Remember the kingdom of God is always at hand no matter what! Even when you overhear a conversation about cancer, order a latte at a business meeting, or you

pick up late night Taco Bueno -- even when you come home to your son's illness and your own struggle with your body. Our job is just to look, listen, and respond to God's activity all around us and put Jesus on display wherever we go.