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Taking Love and Power to the Streets

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Jesus healed a sweet lady named Lisa.

I was sitting in my office when a sweet lady walked past my office. (She was there for our community dinner that we have on Wednesday nights.) I glanced up at her and smiled, then I felt as though she had 2 conditions in her body - in her knee and middle of her back. I asked her name, and she said it was Lisa. I asked her if she had these two conditions. She said yes she did. Lisa had a pain 8 on a scale from 1 to 10. 

I asked if I could pray for her, and she so warmly welcomed me to pray for her. As I prayed for her, I could see the presence of the Holy Spirit touching her with love and power. Then she collapsed to the floor as the Holy Spirit began to bring healing to her body. There she was laying in the middle of my office as Jeanine looked over, smiled, and just continued doing her work on her computer. I just kept blessing what the Holy Spirit was doing. It was sweet and powerful. 

She laid there a good 5 minutes as she was shaking and moving her body. I asked her what was going on. "I felt a heat come all over me, then I fell to the floor," she explained. I asked if this had ever happened to her before. She shook her head and said, "No, never before." So I began to explain the presence of the Holy Spirit. She just smiled and began thank Jesus as the pain in her body had fully gone! Come on Jesus!

Remember the Kingdom of God is always at hand even when you're working. Our job is to simply to look, listen and respond and put Jesus on display with love and power.