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Just Shopping and Healing the Sick!

A Dollar General lady named Jerry just got healed! Amberlyn and I were shopping, and as we were in line, Jerry, one of the Dollar General ladies, mentioned how much her back hurt. I said, "I can take care of that pain if you like!"

One of the guys in line asked, "How? Are you a chiropractor?"

 "Nope," I replied.

Jerry laughed and said, "Are you some kind of drug pusher?"

I laughed and replied, "No, I'm a Christian, and I would like to pray for you, and all the pain will leave!"

"OK," Jerry said. "You can pray for me." Jerry was in a pain level of a 9 when we started praying. I prayed 3 times. Each time it dropped she was taken back. I prayed one last time and all the pain totally left. She was moving all around, trying to find the pain, but it was gone!

I told her how much Jesus loved her! Then we grabbed our stuff and head to the car.

This is normal christianity doing life with the Holy Spirit to put Jesus on display with love and power!